Monday, 26 March 2012

Unbearable aunties! ==


Just came back from China yesterday, which is supposed to be a relaxing trip for me but the aunties that joined the trip ruined my days in China. And that really pissed me A LOT.

It's not that i disrespect aunties or what so ever, but their selfishness really pisses people off including my mum. My mum is around their age too but hello, my mum is more rationale than them ok.

I'm not particular about them being picky or traditional, what really pisses me off is they don't even have the basic moral values with them. Hello aunties, you are older in age and people expect you to be wiser or mature in thinking, but not having the basic good attitudes really made me upset and i don't know how to respect you as elders.

I'm sure some of you out there understands what i am talking about, so just wanna cut short the story and tell what these aunties did. =.=

The 5 things i super duper dislike these aunties :

1. These aunties are rude. 

Yeah rude until an extent you feel like ask them to watch out their attitude. When i was in the bus getting ready to get down, got one auntie rush down from the bus and pushed me aside. And she used her elbow to push me!!! Imagine the pain on my back, OMG it's like someone taking an umbrella and poke your back, very hard. Super painful ok. The worst part is she did not say "excuse me" before she rush down nor apologize to me after pushing me aside with her sharp elbow. I seriously thought she was rushing to the toilet (you know la old people can't tahan thier bladder de ma), so i forgive her. But things became worst, she repeated her elbow-pushing for the next 5 days.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER? I don't understand why she rushes down the bus every time we reach a new destination?? Can't she just say excuse me or what??? Maybe she don't like me to be in front of her? (I'm sitting at the 2nd row and she sat at the middle row in the bus) I also didn't find any toilet near the bus everytime. WTF. So at the end, my back was severely injured by several blows from her sharp elbow. =.=

Another thing is i super dislike is when the tour guide is talking in front of the bus introducing historical places, these bunch of aunties keep yak yak yak non stop. Talking damn loud somemore, their voice is so loud until the tour guide had to talk louder with the mic. I keep SHHHHH SHHHHHHH SHHHHHHHHHH like shit to shut bloody mouth up and less than 1 minute they talked non stop again. Walao aunties don't you have any basic manners? DON'T TALK WHEN PEOPLE IS EXPLAINING THINGS TO YOU!!!
Haiz and yet, they still talk like mad even though the other aunties asked them to shut up. Damn bloody thick face.

I don't know how they teach their children about basic manners. =.=

2. They are greedy.

During each and every meal of the day, these aunties are like hungry people just came back from a war zone, once all the dishes are served, they snatch all the food like nobody's business. Aunties ar, you never eat Chinese food before meh? Why snatch food and pile food up on ur plate like a mountain? Greedy people. Even youngsters like us eat with manners ok. Shame on you lor. I can tell you these aunties can finish up these dishes in 5 minutes. They can enter Ripley's Believe It or Not show already.
Seriously i can't stand their greediness. Even there are food on the their own plates, they still take extra food, as if the world is coming to an end. BEH TAHAN LOR!!!!!!!!!!!

3. They are copycats.

Ok this is the one that i cannot stand the most. COPYCATS.
Since this trip was mostly on shopping, some of these rude aunties kept clinging on us. What ever i bought or what ever items i chose, they will buy the same items. Yeah SAME ITEMS SAME COLOR. Think about it, we stay in the same state and we are of different age groups, of course nobody likes to buy the same items as other people right? So some of the items i give up on buying them, cos i don't want to wear the same clothes as them in the same area!!!

Got one auntie thinks she's brilliant, i bought a Hello Kitty glasses and i wore it on the next day. Later on i found out this auntie bought the same Hello Kitty glasses and the same color as mine! I was super angry ok! And the glasses does not suit her at all!!! TT^TT At least if you want to buy a Hello Kitty glasses, buy other colors la. There are so many colors available and you still choose exactly the same one as mine. So the morale of the story is don't wear what ever you had just bought during shopping or trip, especially in front of these copycat aunties.

4. They are hypocrites.

In front of you they talked so nice but at the back they criticize anything about you. One of my mum's friends told her that the aunties said i'm big sized, fat or too tall. They also said that their daughters are much more lucky cos they have boyfriends. =.=lll

So what? 

I'm born this way so it is non of your business. Please look yourselves in the mirror before criticizing other people. Bloody hypocrites. I'm big sized, fat and tall and yet i can achieve better things. Cannot stand these people, don't they have any other better things to do besides gossip about other people?? If you want to gossip please make sure the news does not spread to other people, it really pisses people off. Please concern about other people's feeling especially my mum. I wonder where their brains go when they criticize about other people. STUPIAK!!!!!!!!

5. They are selfish.

I don't know how to talk about this as words can't express my feelings.
They sit at a place, ordering people to buy things for them. Excuse me are you are not the Empress of China ok? Even buying a drinking water also considered hard for them. I pity those younger aunties cos these aunties ordered them to buy certain things while they stand at one site and chit chatting non stop. In the other way around, the selfish aunties told the others not to ask them to buy anything as they will not lend a hand. Yes they told us in a very stern tone. Childish.

I will never join this group of aunties again for future overseas trip. It is not fun at all travelling with copycats like them. Duh.

My advice : Stay away from this kind of aunties if you don't want to get a heart attack. =.=


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