Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Wedding Diary 《结婚那件事》 *Review*

For girls is a beginning of a "Happy Ever After" story.
For guys, haha, it's where all their life savings spent in just one day.

Yes, their marriage day.

Have you guys out there ever wonder what really happens behind every marriage? Most of the marriage la.
Haha i bet most of the people think that marriage must be a very grand event, where the wedding planner must arrange and plan a fairy tale wedding and both the bridegroom and the bride invite all their relatives and friends (ya i mean ALL of them, which is a big number of people) to attend this big event to acknowledge that they are officially together for the rest of their lives.

Sounds nice huh.

Aiks! You forget one thing that is very important and i'm sure it doesn't cross your mind : MONEY.

I heard many people had argue about this sensitive yet important issue.
"Money is not everything la", "Money can't buy love la", "Money is the root of evil la" , money this money that and blah blah blah.

I can tell you, money is not everything, but without money, you are nothing.

No money, how can you organize a grand wedding dinner at a 5 star hotel, invite hundreds or thousands of close relatives and good friends to attend the wedding dinner, or even making preparations for the wedding (such as wedding photo albums, wedding gowns and tuxedos, wedding assessories, etc.)???

They don't come for free nor drop from the sky for you.

Sorry for saying this but we are living in the reality world where money is super duper important. I admit that money IS important. Not to be superficial, without money, we can't achieve the lifestyles or dreams or grand weddings that we would have always wanted all this while. Those who say money is not important at all, that is bull shitting la. If money is not important, why do you have to wake up early in the morning, work your ass off just to earn some money? Nowadays many young graduates struggle like hell just to get into a company to work, for what? Of course to earn money for a living, am i right? =.=

Haha sorry for making the atmosphere so serious, i just wanna emphasize how important is money to people  in the modern era now. You can say i am money-minded or whatsoever, then tell me, who doesn't like money? In certain situations, money is not important. On the other way around, money plays a big big role in our lives and determines our lifestyles. This scenario can be seen in the movie "The Wedding Diary" or 《结婚那件事》.

The movie talks about how a couple maintain a relationship where the main guy is trying his best to settle all his money issues in managing his wedding day. I used to think that wedding is a simple and sweet ceremony that is super easy to be done *naive and stupid thinking*, after watching this movie, it changed my mind. The story tells us that wedding is not as simple as it is, as it involves many aspects like approval and blessings from parents, money management (where the guy have to pay almost all the expenses) and handling criticisms from friends and family if the guy is unable to manage his wedding according the way it should be. Damn 麻烦 (ma fan = troublesome) right?? Watch the movie also no mood to get married le. (LOL as if i'm getting married =.=)

This movie is worth to watch cos it portrays how Malaysians settle their marriage expenses (most of the Chinese in Malaysia) and as well as to maintain good relationship among the wedding couple, families and friends. Most importantly, the main guy portrays the determination and perseverance in solving many challenges before and after his wedding involving every of the aspects mentioned above. Very good combination concerning different aspects of life. Better than what i've had expected.


The way the main actor portrays his character is super funny and realistic. Ah Niu (阿牛- a very famous Malaysian singer, actor and director) is the main character in this movie. The way he expressed his worries and fear regarding his marriage is good. This is because he comes from a poor family and his wife is from a super duper rich family. This causes gaps in 2 different people from different family backgrounds especially in terms of $$$. The guy has to struggle like shit in order to fulfill his parents-in-law's requirements and demands. So kelian lor him. >.< Haha the part where he's thinking of money when he is having sex with his wife is super hilarious! Very creative and funny story!!! I laugh my ass off throughout the movie! XD
It really reflects the actual scenario of weddings among the Chinese in Malaysia. On the point and funny. Hahahahaha.....

Pushing aside the humor, i can feel the emotions and the reality in the movie. It has a touching sense of movie line too. The parents of the girl in the movie are very protective and love their daughter very very much. This made me think of my parents and it made me cried. Yeah i cried a lot in this movie. T^T
It is very hard to explain in words you know. I truly realize why my parents want to protect me so much. It is because they wanna make sure my future partner can love and protect me more than them so i won't suffer and get hurt in the future. Very very touching loooooooo... TT^TT

I wanna say Daddy Mummy I love you! Thank you for taking care of me and protecting me since i was born..I'm very blessed and lucky to have both of you as my parents! I love you both very very much! <3<3<3

Perhaps i'm a bit too emotional, but the story does make a point there. By the way i don't wanna spoil the suspense la. You have to watch the movie yourselves to know what i am trying to say here. :)

Haha dunwan to express how i feel when i watch the movie le. The moral of the story is no matter how hard is the situation is (even if you are facing big money problems now), problems always can be solved with great determination and just keep on fighting! There's a will there's always a way! :)

In short, don't give up la. Trust yourself and you can do it better. Hohoho... :)))

Yeah one more thing, money is very important! (Haha i add it myself ok)
So people, start saving your money as soon as possible okay?? (for guys : to spent on their wedding day, for girls, to save it for shopping! LOL just kidding lar... :p)

Hope you enjoy the movie and have a good laugh too!

p/s : For cry babies, please don't forget to bring tissues ya... >w<

Monday, 13 February 2012

Legendary Female Singer : Whitney Houston

Yesterday morning i was stunned when i checked my facebook.

My friend posted "R.I.P Whitney Houston..." on their walls...


I thought it was just a joke, but there are numbers of posts about her death.

I can't believe this shocking news as she was only 48 years old, it is still considered young for her to leave this world.
And if she's still alive, maybe she's got another half a century to go before going to heaven. Maybe she can produce more good musics with her strong vocal.
Life is really unpredictable. I'm sure everyone didn't expect that she will leave us so early, just like Michael Jackson.
Come on, they are legends in the music industry! >.<

I was quite sad because her song "I Will Always Love you" and her movie "The Bodyguard" are one of my favorites...And i never have the chance to see her perform live on stage again. :(

I still remember when i was a little girl, my dad loved her vocal and always praised her music talents when she performed on TV. Our family enjoyed a lot when we watched her stage performances on TV.
Even until today, my dad says her voice is still unbeatable, even young talented singers with super strong vocals can not beat her too.
Her voice is special, her vocal is super strong and her musics come with emotions. One of the best vocal female singers besides Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.

I hate this feeling of loosing a talented singer with 6 Grammy Awards like her...I had this feeling too when Michael Jackson passed away more than 2 years ago...Since she is gone now, i bet many people miss her dearly and will remember her as a legend. Her music was irreplaceable.

I hope she rest in peace and may God bless her family, friends and other fans around the world.

                                          -WHITNEY HOUSTON-

REST IN PEACE my legendary idol.

We will always love you.

p/s : Life is too short to complain about everything, get hold of yourself, appreciate people and things around you. Be happy and enjoy today like there's no tomorrow. 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Enter the Dragon - 1st Day of Chinese New Year

Wake up and shine people! :D

Happy Chap Goh Mei!!!
Since today is the last day of CNY, i will spent some time to relax (although i should stick my butt to the chair and study the whole day)...
LOL don't worry i will still go and date with my books later... :)

Before i go and lock myself up in the room, i am going to blog 1st about the 1st day of CNY!

*Excuses to go online and facebook*


So i woke up a bit late on the 1st day of CNY, but manage to eat vegetarian lunch with my family and dressed myself up!

This year i gonna try something different.

Japanese style.


Not exactly Gyaru style but simple Japanese style.
You know la, elders in the village can not accept extreme make up or extreme attire...
Because of that i tried to make my attire as simple as possible.

I permed and dyed my hair.
Bought a few fashion clothes and short jeans.
Make up with false eyelashes.

And here it is! :3

I like this new style very very much!
Not a bad change!

Even my Samsung S2 has a new cover for CNY! :D
Love the seal! <3

开心乐龙龙with S2 ready to 拜年!

Took in the car while on the way to Tangkak...


Finally reaching Tangkak and i feel the CNY atmosphere again!
One thing i like about CNY at Tangkak is to gather around with my super big number of relatives and chat all about the things that happened in one year.

Our Gan family is one big family.
I have 7 uncles, 2 aunties ( my father's sisters) and 30 plus cousins gather in one small house.


So most of us have to sit on the floor and gossip. Haha.

No choice lo cos too many relatives already.

The babies will talk to the babies and old teenagers like us talk among each other.
I sounded so old. >.<

And of course, the 1st question they asked me every year:
Chih Wei, got boyfriend le ma?

"No lo. So fat where got people want." I jokingly replied.

"Walao got or not oh, or your requirements are too high is it??"


I lazy to reply them. Haha.
Every CNY sure got this repeated conversion as a warm up before gossiping about the others.
On the other hand, is not that i purposely don't want a boyfriend, is i haven't meet the right one yet.
You think i so lucky like them meh, can find the right one so fast.

Even my uncles' wives told me to find a boyfriend as soon as possible cos i am not young anymore.

You think find a boyfriend is as easy as buying vegetables in pasar malam meh?
Saw a nice one and straight away buy it?
In your dreams then got la.
Even my dad also not worry about me having a boyfriend or not.
Haha my dad still is the best. :DDD

I hope i can bring back 王力宏 *ahem* a boyfriend back to Tangkak to introduce to my relatives and shut their kepo mouths up.
Cos my brother did so this year. 
Yup my brother Alvin bought his girlfriend back to Tangkak to meet my relatives especially my ah ma.

My ah ma likes her!
PASSPORT ISSUED and my brother was so proud and happy about it.


By the way, maybe, MAYBE if got fate i will bring back a boyfriend next year, or next next year to Tangkak during CNY. Haha me sound so kelian. 

As usual every year, the Lion Dance came to our grandma's house and performed!
This year is a cute red Lion came! :3

And i began to take pictures with my cousins! 
*Just now gossip too much until forget to take pictures*

Me and Con Nie...

Me and Xin Nie...

Me and cute Li Qing...

Everyone thought this big fellow is my boyfriend, nahhhhh, he is my brother Melvin!

Me and Mallory!
She and her elder brother Bryan is from Singapore.
She's pretty! :3

 Cannot imagine this Bryan just came back from National Service in Singapore.
Oh yea we haven't meet each other for 3 years already cos i went to India for 2 years and last year he was in the army camp in Singapore.
I think he's still the same just like before.
Funny and playful. LOL.

Wait, he became more muscular compared to 3 years ago!
Effect of serving NS for almost 2 years.
But can't really see his muscular body in the picture, too bad lo. :P

OMG i look bigger size than him. ==
Angle's fault la. Haha.

Me and my pretty cousin Win Nie! <3

HOLY MAMA meet Sunny of GG on the right!
LOL just joking lar. But this girl has grown up and become so pretty! XD
Seriously her make up skills have improve a lot and better a thousand times than mine.
And she's only 16. 0.0


The pretty girls above are Xin Nie and her youngest sister Jo Jo.

Me and the sisters! :3

Xin Nie and i are at the same age.
Don't think so? Go bang your head at the wall pls. =.=
Yeah yeah i know i look older.
Well she's currently studying her Masters at Hong Kong and i still haven't graduate!
Not fair! =3=

Younger cousins!

 Eating 七彩鱼生 with cousins are the best! <3<3<3

Super love this picture!
My younger brother has grown up and become a big boy liao! :)))

Super love this picture! <3<3<3
All three of us, Xin Nie, Win Nie and me are close to each other since very young.
And we are still close until now!

Love you girls! :3

 LOL sorry for the big fat legs of mine.
I also can not tahan them. 
ERGHHH and my big fat tummy too.
Hmmmmm i think that is my short jeans beneath my shirt la.
By the way gotta exercise more this year to cut off those flabby legs and tummy.

Ok this year's CNY pass really really fast.
Maybe i'm too busy with my loads of assignments and projects.
Not to mention i have to force myself to study too.

Well i wish everyone a joyous and prosperous new year ahead and hope this year will be a better year for me compared to last year.
Yes it better be cos i am gonna be super duper more hardworking this year!!! *full of energy*

Everyone HUAT ARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDD

Enter the Dragon - Chinese New Year Eve

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
Hohoho very paiseh for the late blog post, but at least today is still CNY right? :)

2 weeks ago we finally can celebrate CNY 3 years after my grandfather passed away...
Miss u a lot ah gong... >.<

So after eating Reunion Dinner at home with my dad, mum and 2 brothers, we went to our grandmother's house around 9pm and get ready to 拜天宫, which is an usual prayer ceremony to the Gods that we will perform during the eve of CNY and the 8th day of CNY (for Hokkien's CNY)...

Getting ready to offer prayers to 天宫!:)

 My dad preparing to lid up the red fire crackers!
LOL my dad is so happy here... :D

 Opposite neighbor's burning fire crackers... 


Our turn to lid the fire crackers! :)))

 Humongous fireworks at that night!
The fireworks can be seen continuously for around 2 hours.
Tangkak people are rich you know? :P

 The decorations for the kampung street at night.

Everyone went back to Tangkak except my cousins Win Nie and her family...
Haha it's ok lar since they went back to my grandmother's house during the 1st day of CNY.
We had lots of fun gossiping though. Hiak hiak.

I prefer the days before CNY.
The preparation, the house cleaning, and the CNY shopping are fun.
And hinting my parents to give big ang pows too. :D

Mandarin oranges and Shandy are my favorite snacks during CNY.
So don't blame me if i gain weight ok, once in a year ma. HAHA.

OK gonna post another blog post soon. Stay tuned. :)


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