Monday, 12 December 2011

❤ Kao's Liese Bubble Hair Color ❤

Dyed twice in 3 hours. Spent RM68 for my Kao's Liese Bubble Hair Color in Sweet Apricot.

Yup i just save RM80 on my hair color!!! (normal hair dye price in salon for my hair is RM150++)

For those who haven't heard before about Liese, you can check it out at Liese's main webpage at
They can be considered as one of the famous hair "make up" brand in Japan. 

Liese has 17 hair color to choose from, depends on which color you like the most. For me i LOVE all their colors! Different colors show different attitude! I would like to try all these colors! :D Including black! Hahaha...Hey black color hairdo is nice too ok ? :p

This is how i use the bubble hair color. Personally i think is easy to use and easy to assess those difficult hair ends. No need to have 2 mirrors to see the back of your head to make sure the dye spreads evenly throughout your hair. Very convenient for non experts for us. 

Anyway they are available at Watson! Plus now they have discounts for Christmas promotion! :D

Ok i admit i was emo-ing just now and went to Watson at Pasific Megamall to buy 2 packs of Liese Hair color. Based on my experience last year *ahem ahem*, i used one pack of Liese Hair color and it sucks!!!
Seriously,i'm not joking.

The hair color came out the same as my original hair color ( i used Sweet Pink, a shiny brown with a touch of pink ). Maybe my hair color is a little brownish in origin, but of course i did some research on other people's review about that product even before i bought it! Beh tahan lor when the there was no much difference at all! =.=
As for my friend Sue Jane,her hair color turned out more than what she expected. She used Chiffon Beige which is a very bright yellow brown color. The secret behind it was she dyed her hair twice with one bottle in 2 hours. 

Okay i get it.

So this time i wanted to save money, hohoho actually not exactly la, just that my hands are very itchy to dye my hair again. PLUS PIDC Night is on this Wednesday! I gotta do this tonight as i'm gonna be super super super busy for this whole week. Even the scary phobia of mine toward this Liese product can't stop me. >:)

I dyed my hair straight once i reached my room. 
I read all the instructions ( as usual,my old habit ) and started to color my hair. Compared to the last time, the hair color is much more better in quality and my scalp is not that painful after applying the bubbles on my hair. That is not important for me though, i just want that orange color to stay on my hair like my head just dipped into an orange paint. Haha.

1st trial, i never expect the orange color blends with my hair! That made my day. Last time that stupid red color didn't even stay on my hair but this time the orange color works!!! OMG

2nd trial, the orange color on my hair becomes lighter one shade. And that, people, the color turned out awesome!!!!!
LOL i was so happy that i would fly!!! You people must be thinking that i am crazy. Ha who cares. As long as that Liese Sweet Apricot color remains on my hair! :)

At the end, orange is the new color for me. Hmmm not a bad color and my complexion seems to become fairer. That's what i want. Hahaha. But my hair turns out to be dry, maybe it's because the effect of the ammonia content in the hair color. Ya gotta tell u guys that the main drawback for this product is the ammonia smell is damn strong that if you accidentally put the bubbles on your nose, the sensation is horrible, it stinks and it hurts. TT^TT

Well you all can try this product out. Not 100% color guaranteed as different hair structure has different color effect on it. But at least this time Liese changed my mind towards this Bubble Hair Color. I'm glad they change their color formula and it is more effective than last time!

Happy trying! :)))

Stay tune for my new pictures! ^w^


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