Monday, 11 June 2012

A gooooooooooooooooood day to start with!

Good morning peeps! :3

It's a great morning of June and i woke up super early today, haha because i slept at 6pm yesterday..LOL

No choice cos i attended the Moral Studies' class which took the whole morning and noon and i was super duper tired..Slept like a big fat pig yesterday...

Just an update, the guy i mentioned earlier in my latest blog post is Ken..He was so busy with his work that he always forget about me... *BIG TIGHT SLAP FOR YOU MR KEN!!!!!!!!!*

So i decided since he was so so so so so busy with his work, why not i focus more on my daily work log? And of course, i planned to improve myself more, no more MISS SLEEPING-BEAUTY-WITH-A-LAZY-ASS.

Ok back to my main point here, i already put priorities on my studies and my personal daily log..Got many things to rush up and to be done since i have been lazed around for the past 2 months..I feel so shameful of myself..But i admit my mistakes, didn't i? :) Blogging is gonna be in my things-to-do list too...

Ok gotta prepare for class now. May you all have a nice day too! :D

Saturday, 2 June 2012

HOLY MAMA i'm back!

Good afternoon babies! Long time no see. :P Got miss me? =w=

The reason i gone M.I.A for so long is because so many things happened in between March and May, both good and bad things.

Good things:

  I'm in my Final Year now in Dentistry! :DDD

- I met a nice guy online and we gone dating! Even though he is very very straight forward and sarcastic, he's a gentleman. :) And you know la, when girls dating, some of them tend to put everything aside initially including blogging. I'm so disloyal. =.=

- I went to Langkawi with my fellow batch mates! OMG i can tell you Langkawi is one of the nicest place in Malaysia where liquor are dirt cheap! Yeah i admit i'm a kaki botol and i drink a lot. Haha damn drunker.

- My hospital posting at Perlis was fun! We went to Perlis at the last week of our holidays. Perlis is a nice and peaceful place, and their seafood is delicious! :)

Bad things:

- I overspent during these 3 months and i almost broke! This is sooooooooooooooooo bad cos there are sales everywhere! These are not ordinary sales, these are 70% to 90% sales. My purse is like an onion, the more i open the more i feel sad about it, cos NO MONEY ar!   TT^TT

- My lecturer nearly screwed up my case. The experience was horrendous and i dare not ask her for help AGAIN. =.=

- I accidentally hit a car while reversing yesterday. OMG i so damn careless!!!!!!!!! And that car turns out to be my senior's car. There are no major damages, only scratches on her car. But she wants me to do full repair on that miserable car part where the scratch is! THIS IS VERY RIDICULOUS. So i gotta wait until next Monday to drive her car and get it repair, i really hope the mechanic won't charge me a lot!   TT^TT

I kept on thinking positive that things happen for a reason. Hope everything goes well for me starting from June. :)

See u later on my next blog update! :)))


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