Monday, 28 November 2011

Hands Up Again & Again, 10 out of 10!

Woohoooooo I’m back dear leng luis and leng zais! Guess where I’ve been? Yik Ming and I just came back from 2PM’s HANDS UP ASIA TOUR in Kuala Lumpur 2011!!! XD

Yup we went to 2PM's concert!!!

Well I’m not a diehard fan of 2PM but i 101% LOVE their R&B pop songs and of course their clubbing hit songs like Hands Up!!!
*put ur hands up! put ur hands up! put put put put put* //>w<//

 I really addicted to any clubbing hit songs, maybe the awesome beats and strong bases make me high high high…LOL mabuk liao… =w=

So 2 months ago Yik Ming told me that 2PM would come to Kuala Lumpur’s Stadium Negara for an Asia Tour, haha she even researched the whole night about the concert seatings! *diehard fan*
RM 688, RM 488, RM 388, RM188 were the prices for the seats available. Due to our kiamsiap-ness (we are still students ma, what to expect) and our 1st time going to a concert (please do not laugh at us T^T), we chose the cheapest seats : RM188. Based on the seating map, RM188 was not bad as the stage is still visible, plus the stage is extended to the middle of the stadium.

Buying the ticket was another headache for us, as I remember during the 1st day when the ticket hotline was opened at 2p.m, my friends can’t get through the hotline! Imagine there were thousands of diehard fans calling through just to get those tickets! We were shocked as we didn’t expect 2PM’s tickets would sell like hot cakes compared to Super Junior’s! @.@

After calling for nearly half an hour, one of my friends are able to get through the hotline. Thank goodness!
But the most importantly,

Wow I never been so excited! Going to a concert was a no-no for me last time cos my parents never allow me to attend a concert. Even though I reserve my 1st time concert excitement to my lifetime idols, Jay Chou and Wang Leehom, nah,  2PM rocks too… :D
Don’t worry my dear idols, I shall attend your concerts real soon too!!! <3<3<3

One week before the concert, Yik Ming gave me the list of songs where 2PM performed during their concert in Korea. OMG I really really really not familiar to these songs although most of them are their old hits! T^T In my mind, I only familiar with 10 out of 10, Again & Again and Hands Up. I’m such a lousy fan of 2PM. LOL. Hey at least I did my homework by listening to all these songs everyday! Hmmmmm i must memorize all their hit songs before attending their concert again next time… >.<

So we bought out tickets and booked a room at Olympic Sports Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. We walked from the Pudu Bus Stand to the hotel. Thank God we have 2 GPS to prevent us getting lost in such a complicated city. While reaching the hotel, we can see many people gathering at a gate, and we DIDN’T know that was the entrance to Stadium Negara. WTH. We also saw a girl carrying 2PM goodies walking back to the hotel. Hmmmmm then that must be the stadium! ROFL we are like lost travellers from other countries. I can tell u, this hotel is damn near to Stadium Negara!!! I’m not familiar places in Kuala Lumpur so Yik Ming and I was like “WOAHHHHH” when the receptionist told us it’s only a 2 minutes’ walk from the hotel to the stadium. Haha we are so silly la.  0w0

Rest, bathe, make up, and we are ready for the concert! We are so excited until we jump up and down in the hotel room! LOL. We reached the entrance of the stadium and here were hundreds of fans waiting outside the stadium. The atmosphere was so noisy and messy. == We cannot get through to the another site of the entrance so we have to walk back and walk to another site of the entrance just to get the tickets. And at last we found out those crowd are waiting to enter the stadium! WHAT THE HELL!!!???

I was pissed at that moment.

The organizer did not ask those people to line up, that made me pissed off. Aren’t they supposed to ask these people to line up before entering the stadium? For those fans who waited there since morning or even overnight at the outside of the stadium, suddenly their line being overtaken by others who came late, isn’t it very unfair for them?? Sorry to say this but I think one big crowd of people gushing into one pathetic entrance is so deadly dangerous, someone might get stepped to death if he or she fell down. =.= Worst of all, there are many late comers cutting lines in front of us! VERY ANGRY!!!
I hope the organizer will notice this so this will not happen during the next concert. >.<

We waited there from 6pm till 7.30pm and thank God they open the entrance for us. FINALLY. We even ran to our seats like mad people just to get the best seats. LOL. But still there were too many people and we managed to find a seat quite which is just beside the stage. Some of the fans ran down to other places so we were able to squish as much as we can to the middle.
We took some pictures before the concert starts. LOL we became excited again!

 Haha showing off our tickets... :)

I LOVE 2PM!!! <3<3<3

 At 8pm sharp, the concert began! XDDD

So these were the pictures I have taken while Yik Ming was shouting like mad beside me. Haha. I also shouted when 2PM perform my favorite songs. J
Sorry for the blur quality cos they did not allow DSLR camera into the stadium. So I used my cheap cheap camera to take their pictures.

Hope u guys enjoy looking at the pictures! :)

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

♠ Face Painting Rocks!!! ♠ - Part I

Hello peeps!

Wanna see something awesome?

Last Monday, face painting competition was held in our college in conjunction with our PIDC CUP 2011..
For your info PIDC CUP has 2 main game categories, one is outdoor games or sports and the other one is indoor games..So face painting was one of the indoor events... :)

For this year's face painting competition, a few friends and i was selected to become the organizing committee for this event..after some very hard brain storming sessions, we come to a conclusion that the themes for this year's face painting competition are Villains Unleashed and Futuristic Face Painting.. Sounds interesting but the preparation was hard like hell cos we have to squeeze our brains for a diface designs...

Ladies and Gentlemen,this is the outcome of our hardwork.

Haha what do you think??
Our very own version of Ryuk the Shinigami from Death Note! :)
LOL please do forgive us for the bulging stomach as our model portrays the fat version of Shinigami...HAHAHA...
That's why during the presentation for our models i asked Chin Loong to suck in his stomach so that he won't look fat in this outfit..LOLOLOL

This is another model for our group.

Meet the sister of Katy Perry, Kitty Parry the E.T... :DDD
Inspired by Katy Perry's E.T., i took her face design as a guide and create a new face look..

Guess what material we used for her hair extensions? :)

It is mainly made of Manilla cardboard.

Hard to believe right? >w<
For her hairstyle i search Youtube for the tutorial and IT IS HARDER than what i had i sketched an outline for one U-shaped hair extension, using numbers of Manilla cardboard, white ribbons and fake silver flower petals (lots of them), we managed to create the U-shaped hair extension which is similar to Katy Perry's. Specially thanks to Charis and Yee Sim for helping us out! :) Haha it was an awesome experience! Although it is not as nice as the real one, it is very stable on Shreen's head and she even can jump without the hair extensions falling off! :)

BluenoMars group picture~!

Peoy Shiam, Shreen, Chin Loong (without his scary dentures) and me...

Ok that's all for today, i got flu so i have sleep early... =__________=
Good night everyone! 

* more pictures coming soon! *


❤ Shinigami in love ❤
Chin Loong & Min Wey

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Old Snappy Snaps

Found this while looking through my old pictures.


I forget how i look with a fringe already. @.@

I got this new makeover last year at Max Style Salon in Jusco at Bukit Mertajam. 
The story goes like this : I saw Yee Sim with a very cool boy haircut and i kept asking her for the salon's name and the hairstylist who did the haircut for her. So Max Style Salon was the salon and March did the haircut for her.

Yup, his name was March.

Cool eh! His name really made me confident in his hair cutting talent.

After a week i made an appointment with March, went to that salon and get a whole new makeover. March was very polite and patient. He discussed with me what hairstyles i had in mind and explained to me what he will do for my hair to make me look different. This is the 1st time i discussed with a hairstylist and it took us 15 minutes to decide which hairstyle is nice on me. (Normally hairstylists just ask what hairstyle u want and they will go with it straight away) With such a round round face like mine i know fringe is not suitable for me and short hair is an absolute no-no for me. So at the end he told me that long hair suits me, OR i can choose shoulder-length wavy hair. CURL HAIR IS A NO-NO. ARGHHHHHHHHHH he said my dream hair doesn't suit me at all!!! TT^TT

Left with 2 choices, i choose the shoulder length hair since i had long hair already. But one day, i will choose the curly hairstyle once i slim down to my ideal weight! HNGGGGGGGGG!!! X)

And this is what had turn out after the haircut.

I look like a secondary school girl.


Ji Wi went to Jusco and find me for dinner that day and he was shocked with my new look. He said i look like a doll. HOHOHO i was surprised he said that to me cos he always praise himself instead of other people. LOL i'm not lying!!!

My friends in college said my new haircut is cute because of the fringe..(floating in the air) haha i was really glad to have March to do the whole new makeover for me. And of course i went back to that salon a few times to let him cut my hair again!

This is another picture of me during Cindy's birthday last year.

New look new style new haircut.
I super like my hairstyle at that time.

But now my hair have grown back to the usual long length. Gotta straighten my hair and dye my hair soon. Yalor lately freaking busy till no time to touch up my hair. TT^TT
I will post up new pictures soon for the face painting competition (really soon)! :p
Stay tune stay tune!

I'm still here..wohoooooooo~

Just want to let you leng zai and leng lui know I'M STILL ALIVE.

Recently i've been soooooooooooooooo damn busy with PIDC Cup for the past 2 weeks.

1st week i was busy with the Volleyball match, haha although i am freaking sucks at it. Yup, i'm just a substitute standing at the court letting the ball to hit me instead of me hitting the ball. LOL 
I really tried my best but i feel damn upset especially i hit the ball out of the court. I feel like i let the team down. My lovely housemate ask me not to complain about it and have fun. They will never understand the feeling of a fresh beginner playing for their team where the other players are so pro. Haiyoh come on la i NEVER play Volleyball in my entire life before, but still just for the sake of team spirit (hohoho) and persuaded by my team's vice captain, i decided to join at the end. I was so emo at that time but got over it after sometime. Haizzzzz I really hope i won't join Volleyball again next year, not because i hate it or what but i do not have the feel to play it.  >.< Sorry guys! 

While last weekend, Peoy Shiam and me was busy preparing the props or costumes for our face painting models. I'm busy preparing things for the face competition too as i am the organizer for this event. Being an organizer and a participant is freaking TIRING. I did not sleep at Sunday night because the competition was held on the next day. I lost my human face and officially become a panda again. A real fat panda with a poker face. =.=
I will blog about the face competition cos i have many awesome pictures to share with you all. Stay tune my friends! >w<

SO, finally i have a nice weekend to rest and i will kick my housemates if they wake me up on such a cozy morning.
You know, they are early birds who always knock my door for fun just to see my sleepy face. Damn 无聊.

Ok people, time to go oi oi. Very late already. No it's damn early in the morning already.
Wait for my new blog post tomorrow ya. Good night and sweet dreams.
Take care! :)

Friday, 4 November 2011

Good quote to share

Somebody : 恋爱, 如果以后是分手, 那么不如不开始...

Ying Hong: 这样的话,你既然知道自己会死,


English translation:
Somebody: Love, if until the end we still have to break up and let it go, then we shouldn't have started it at the 1st place...

Ying Hong: If u say like this, since you know you gonna die at the end,

then why do u live at the 1st place?

 Good quote Ying Hong..I salute you... :D

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The studio version of me! hiak hiak~~~

I found this old picture of mine when i look through my personal picture folder...
Hmmmmm not that old la, this is a picture of me last year...

And this is another picture which i took this a short hair which one is better?? >.<


I think both is nice!! XD
But short hair is much more easier to manage compared to long hair and i don't have to sweep my room twice a day..

Ya i said TWICE a day! can u believe that?? if i didn't sweep my room just for one freaking day, my room will be full of hair balls as if a gorilla had stay in my room... ==

And now is my hair-cutting season (i have to cut or trim my hair twice a year), so i am thinking whether to cut a fringe or just let it be...
Another thing that i am frustrated is about my hair color...
Haizzzzz i don't know what colour to choose from!!???
At the end i have to decide, because i stopped at the salon's door a million times without entering the salon... ==

Never mind la, i am going to the salon tomorrow finally...
Wait for my new photos ya! (cross fingers cross fingers cross fingers..hope my new hairstyle will turn out nice >.<)


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