Monday, 28 November 2011

Hands Up Again & Again, 10 out of 10!

Woohoooooo I’m back dear leng luis and leng zais! Guess where I’ve been? Yik Ming and I just came back from 2PM’s HANDS UP ASIA TOUR in Kuala Lumpur 2011!!! XD

Yup we went to 2PM's concert!!!

Well I’m not a diehard fan of 2PM but i 101% LOVE their R&B pop songs and of course their clubbing hit songs like Hands Up!!!
*put ur hands up! put ur hands up! put put put put put* //>w<//

 I really addicted to any clubbing hit songs, maybe the awesome beats and strong bases make me high high high…LOL mabuk liao… =w=

So 2 months ago Yik Ming told me that 2PM would come to Kuala Lumpur’s Stadium Negara for an Asia Tour, haha she even researched the whole night about the concert seatings! *diehard fan*
RM 688, RM 488, RM 388, RM188 were the prices for the seats available. Due to our kiamsiap-ness (we are still students ma, what to expect) and our 1st time going to a concert (please do not laugh at us T^T), we chose the cheapest seats : RM188. Based on the seating map, RM188 was not bad as the stage is still visible, plus the stage is extended to the middle of the stadium.

Buying the ticket was another headache for us, as I remember during the 1st day when the ticket hotline was opened at 2p.m, my friends can’t get through the hotline! Imagine there were thousands of diehard fans calling through just to get those tickets! We were shocked as we didn’t expect 2PM’s tickets would sell like hot cakes compared to Super Junior’s! @.@

After calling for nearly half an hour, one of my friends are able to get through the hotline. Thank goodness!
But the most importantly,

Wow I never been so excited! Going to a concert was a no-no for me last time cos my parents never allow me to attend a concert. Even though I reserve my 1st time concert excitement to my lifetime idols, Jay Chou and Wang Leehom, nah,  2PM rocks too… :D
Don’t worry my dear idols, I shall attend your concerts real soon too!!! <3<3<3

One week before the concert, Yik Ming gave me the list of songs where 2PM performed during their concert in Korea. OMG I really really really not familiar to these songs although most of them are their old hits! T^T In my mind, I only familiar with 10 out of 10, Again & Again and Hands Up. I’m such a lousy fan of 2PM. LOL. Hey at least I did my homework by listening to all these songs everyday! Hmmmmm i must memorize all their hit songs before attending their concert again next time… >.<

So we bought out tickets and booked a room at Olympic Sports Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. We walked from the Pudu Bus Stand to the hotel. Thank God we have 2 GPS to prevent us getting lost in such a complicated city. While reaching the hotel, we can see many people gathering at a gate, and we DIDN’T know that was the entrance to Stadium Negara. WTH. We also saw a girl carrying 2PM goodies walking back to the hotel. Hmmmmm then that must be the stadium! ROFL we are like lost travellers from other countries. I can tell u, this hotel is damn near to Stadium Negara!!! I’m not familiar places in Kuala Lumpur so Yik Ming and I was like “WOAHHHHH” when the receptionist told us it’s only a 2 minutes’ walk from the hotel to the stadium. Haha we are so silly la.  0w0

Rest, bathe, make up, and we are ready for the concert! We are so excited until we jump up and down in the hotel room! LOL. We reached the entrance of the stadium and here were hundreds of fans waiting outside the stadium. The atmosphere was so noisy and messy. == We cannot get through to the another site of the entrance so we have to walk back and walk to another site of the entrance just to get the tickets. And at last we found out those crowd are waiting to enter the stadium! WHAT THE HELL!!!???

I was pissed at that moment.

The organizer did not ask those people to line up, that made me pissed off. Aren’t they supposed to ask these people to line up before entering the stadium? For those fans who waited there since morning or even overnight at the outside of the stadium, suddenly their line being overtaken by others who came late, isn’t it very unfair for them?? Sorry to say this but I think one big crowd of people gushing into one pathetic entrance is so deadly dangerous, someone might get stepped to death if he or she fell down. =.= Worst of all, there are many late comers cutting lines in front of us! VERY ANGRY!!!
I hope the organizer will notice this so this will not happen during the next concert. >.<

We waited there from 6pm till 7.30pm and thank God they open the entrance for us. FINALLY. We even ran to our seats like mad people just to get the best seats. LOL. But still there were too many people and we managed to find a seat quite which is just beside the stage. Some of the fans ran down to other places so we were able to squish as much as we can to the middle.
We took some pictures before the concert starts. LOL we became excited again!

 Haha showing off our tickets... :)

I LOVE 2PM!!! <3<3<3

 At 8pm sharp, the concert began! XDDD

So these were the pictures I have taken while Yik Ming was shouting like mad beside me. Haha. I also shouted when 2PM perform my favorite songs. J
Sorry for the blur quality cos they did not allow DSLR camera into the stadium. So I used my cheap cheap camera to take their pictures.

Hope u guys enjoy looking at the pictures! :)


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