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Melaka Self Exploration Trip - Day 1

It's that week of each and every year again, the last week of 2012.

My "ah pek" buddy and housemate Li Herng and his girlfriend Dorothy came to Melaka for a warm visit! :D

Finally they came. Haha. They are supposed to come last month (during Deepavali holiday break) but Dorothy was busy with her family. I was surprised when Li Herng told me last week that they are coming! Hehe i thought they couldn't make it thought. :P

They took a midnight bus and reached Melaka around 6am, which was super early! Cos usually i will reach Melaka Sentral (Melaka bus station) at around 7am if i take a midnight bus from Butterworth to Melaka. After putting their luggage at my house, we started our journey exploring Melaka!!!


Haha obviously it was Li Herng's request! >w<

1st Melaka Food : Chung Wah Chicken Rice Balls 

Best chicken rice balls ever in Melaka. EVER.
Never regret eating these chicken rice balls as they melt in our mouth, SERIOUSLY.
Chicken rice balls are one of the main food attraction in Melaka, BUT i want to clarify one certain thing here.
For your info, so far only Chung Wah Chicken Rice Balls are the most delicious as they are considered the oldest and original shop in Melaka selling Hainan chicken rice balls.

Why should i talk about this?

Most of my friends from the other states told me that Melaka's chicken rice balls are not nice at all which shocked me the most. They also said that it's not a big deal at all. 


I found out later that they went to the other shops in Melaka which are selling chicken rice balls without knowing that those shops are not the original shops. The other shops' chicken rice balls are not nice at all. Believe me, i even gave it a try and ate them before. Eat once, 1st time and the last time i am gonna eat there again. Many tourists are not aware about this and thought these are the original chicken rice balls. At the end they are not fond about the legendary chicken rice balls here. 

It's not that i am being bias or what, i am just telling the truth. Just pick any locals of Melaka, any one of them and ask which chicken rice balls shop they will recommend to you. Definitely they will say Chung Wah Chicken Rice Balls shop at the end of Jonker Street. I am telling this so that next time when you visit Melaka, you can be aware of this. :)

Haha see how good am i? LOL just kidding la... :P

So we reach the shop at 9am, thank God not there was not much people. If we reach there around 11am, God bless us cos we have to wait in a super long queue. > . <

Addictive food as i can say. Eat those chicken rice balls and you will not stop ordering for more.
Haha even myself can eat lots of them. LOTS OF THEM and i don't mind! Fat like pig already. :P

Everything in Melaka is about timing, so if you want to eat Chung Wah's Hainan chicken rice balls, please do go there early ya! Best time is around 9am to 10am. It's best not to visit the shop after 11am, or else you have to wait in a super long queue. 

Well, worth eating them!!! :)

2nd Melaka Food : Nyonya Asam Laksa and Cendol at Jonker 88

As usual, the nyonya asam laksa here is the bomb. But but, the amount ingredients had become lesser! So sad so sad!

Li Herng commented about the cendol too. Too much ice and the cendol ingredients are lesser compared to few years back.

Hope they increase the quality of the food like last time. > <

Haha by the way we are the 1st customers there! Early bird gets to eat the worm. :)

3rd Melaka Food : Mille Crepe at Nadeje

This is the best cake ever here. My all time favorite! <3

Unfortunately i did not know that they have moved to Mahkota Parade. LOL i didn't visit the cafe since i went there the last time with Ken. The weird part is the cafe is not connected through indoor like other shops in Mahkota Parade. We had a hard time locating the new shop. = =
It is located beside KFC but we have to go there through the outdoor pathway.

On the good side, the new shop is awesome and beautiful! Unlike the old branch in Dataran Pahlawan, more seats are available now and the design of the coffee tables and chairs are cool.

Nadeje has many types of flavor of mille crepe, but i still like the original flavor the best. In my opinion, the mille crepe with flavors mask its original flavor even though they are delicious too. Wanna try the tasty mille crepe? Try the original flavor 1st before trying others. :)

The mille crepe is pricey but it's worth it. Just like the chicken rice balls, they melt in your mouth. Haha the only difference is eating too much mille crepe will make you feel a bit yucky cos it contains a lot of cream in between the layers of crepe.

I would recommend tiramisu flavor and double chocolate flavor. I think both of these flavor are good besides the original flavor. :)

We ate the mille crepe and our mood became good! Feel like eating another few pieces of the mille crepe but it is very fattening la! So we decided not to order another slice of it. > . <

4th Melaka Food : Cheese Steamboat at Tong Sheng Restaurant

My dad, mum and Yong Ming joined us for dinner too! :D

Holy mama great food for dinner. I've been to this restaurant 3 times in one week, cos my family and i love their food! LOVE TILL THE MAX.

Their signature cheese steamboat is good, as well as their Chinese cuisine. Very good, no lies.
You can see the good business there as the restaurant are always packed with big number of hungry customers, some of them waiting outside to be seated. Thank goodness my mum and the lady boss are friends, so we can get seats there by booking seats via phone calls hours before the dinner.

If you want to eat this at restaurant, you can call them at 017-6317811 to book seats.
Or go to the restaurant before 7pm to avoid massive queue. :)

This restaurant is located at Melaka Raya and many tourists are unaware of the existence of this special cheese steamboat in Melaka.

Besides that, their famous Chinese cuisine are chicken floss tofu, Sabah vegetables, marmite pork ribs, cheese mee hoon with big prawns, butter prawns and salad chicken.

We ordered some of the dishes mentioned above and cheese steamboat. The cheese steamboat is the best, especially the cheese soup! <3 Not too cheesy, not too sweet, the taste is just nice. And of course, super addictive too!!! I also don't know how many bowls of cheese i had drink that night. We even refill the cheese soup! Hohoho...

We always insert the mee hoon last into the cheese steamboat as the mee hoon will absorb the cheese soup. Yum yum yum. Must try ya my friends! :)

These were the Melaka food we ate for day 1. After dinner I brought my mum, Li Herng and Dorothy to visit the Portuguese Settlement which are decorated beautifully for Christmas. I really missed Christmas! Beautiful lighting, Christmas trees and decorations, and of course, peaceful Christmas songs. > . < Hope i can celebrate next year's Christmas with my Prince Charming. Haha... :P

We also went to Over Time with my dad again to have a drink and listened to the singers' performances. The male singer can sing and his voice amazed us! :D Not bad not bad. Hope can listen to him sing again next time. By the way, since Starker beer is not available in Over Time anymore, we drank Strongbow and Heineken. I can tell you, I SUPER LOVE STRONGBOW. I think Strongbow are suitable for girls' taste bud as they are made out of fermented apple juice with glucose. In order words Strongbow is a blend of bitter-sweet cider and culinary apples, with 50 different varieties of apple uses, according to Wikipedia. LOL. :P If you have never try it before, go and have a try! No harm trying right?

We went back to my home and rest for the night. It was an exciting and tiring day for us. :)

Haha i will update what we ate during the day 2 trip in Melaka, please stay tuned if you wanna know more about Melaka food ya! Hehe... :)

On addition, i uploaded a few interesting food pictures on Instagram. If you all are interested, feel free to have a look at these delicious pictures or you can follow me on Instagram for more nice pictures. :)

My Instagram : stephanie_angel

Cheers! :)


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Haha sure why not? Your tummy will definitely be satisfied by the Malacca's food! :)

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