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The Viral Factor ✲ Review ✲

Hola pink friends! HAPPY CHINESE DRAGON NEW YEAR! :)))
HOLY MAMA i am super busy since the last blog post i posted, i don't even have the time to go to the toilet because of the humongous loads of assignments and projects to finish up...Thank goodness i finished my assignments and projects for 4 subjects, left 1 more to go... =.= I will do the rest tomorrow, paiseh i am a typical procrastinator... :P
The reason i blogged today is 3 days ago i watched a " watch-for-the-sake-of-Jay Chou-and-shout-when-i-see-him" movie..Yup he acted in a new Chinese movie known as THE VIRAL FACTOR (逆战)!!! 逆战 sounds so mysterious and cool..not a bad name for a movie... :)

Well he is not the only reason that i watched that movie, of course, my first lover Nicholas Tse is in this movie too!!! Buay paiseh la me... :P
For your info Nicholas Tse is my first Chinese Idol when i was 12 years old after i listened to his famous debut song <谢谢你的爱1999>. He is still hot after 12 years. >w<
And do you notice the tattoo on Nicholas' right arm? Love it to the max. He become even cooler and the tattoo matches his bad boy face...Very suitable appearance for a bad character for him in the movie. 

Imagine 2 of the hottest male stars in Asia work hand-in-hand in a biological weapon themed movie..It is really a new challenge especially to my beloved Jay Chou as he always act in cool-cool movies like Initial-D, The Secret That Cannot Be Told and Green Hornet..Why i called these movies as cool-cool movies? Cos Jay Chou's face was too stone cold, ya his face is too cold until explode,almost poker face from the start till the end of the movie, and i can't feel much of his emotions that he is trying to portray through his facial expressions..Sorry to say this but his acting skills at the beginning was not very good..BUT STILL, I LOVE HIM. HAHA. Well at least the stone cold expression of him is his gold trademark, where girls go "OH MY GOD HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HANDSOME!!!" or "WALAO 帅到爆!!!" over that poker face..He's the only one that can show the 欠打 face and YET, all the girls still shouts and gets super crazy over him!!! 

Proud of your 欠打 face Jay Chou. XD

I still remember his crying scene in Initial D, when he cries i only can see water flowing out from his eyes, yeah purely a big amount of water oozing out from his eyes and his eyes and face are not red at all..That, was so hilarious. LOL i keep on laughing and i don't know why i can't stop laughing. I cannot tahan his acting lar and i feel like slapping him and made him cry FOR REAL. But in THE VIRAL FACTOR, he improved a lot. Yes, way much better compared to the last few films that he acted. And i think it is a great advantage for him as he is not required to speak so much of English. 


LOL even though i'm his No. 1 fan but i still tahan him when he speaks English in front of the camera. Trust me, when you listen to him speaking English, you will feel like slapping him too. LOL
I watched him being interviewed by the media in Hollywood, and i OMG during the whole interview. Even i also can not understand a single word he utters! You know la, he used to rap so much that sometimes when he didn't pronounce his words clearly even in front of the camera. Just wanna clarify here that i just write how i feel and criticize him doesn't mean i am good in acting or what. By the way i'm still his super No. 1 fan and of course, i hope he improves in every movie that he acted in. :)))

He acted as a younger brother to Nicholas Tse in this movie and i think he played a good part. He also played very well as a filial son to his mother that was separated from his father. That part made me cried in the very end. It's was touching to see how he's trying to emphasize the importance of family. T^T I think he did his homework by understanding the character well. You are the man Jay Chou! <3

This movie's story line is good. Not so boring and the actions are exciting. Yeah the actions are very very very good (for a Chinese movie)! I didn't expect the fighting scene between the police and the bad guys are so exciting! Way to go Dante Lam! :D 

The movie is mostly taken in Malaysia, YES MALAYSIA. LOL suddenly i feel so proud of Malaysia! :D
Many action scenes are taken in Kuala Lumpur and i think Dante Lam is a good director because the way he films the movie in Malaysia makes you think that the movie is taken in Hong Kong. I can tell you the angles, the vehicles (especially the Malaysian cars), the venue (highways and streets in Malaysia) and the acting skills of the actors make the movie a must-watch movie. For us as Malaysians, watching this movie is every entertaining cos we can identify the places in the movie! And i kept on smiling when i watch the movie..LOL imagine Nicholas Tse driving Perodua cute and funny right?? Hahahahahaha... :D 

Talking about Nicholas Tse, his acting skills improve a lot starting from the movie Bodyguards and Assassins..In THE VIRAL FACTOR, i was very impressed. He is a bad ass criminal and yet, he is a good son and a father. I think playing this role fully is very difficult as this character is very complicated.

But, Nicholas Tse did it. :)

I'm not going to talk more about the movie anymore, what's the point of watching the movie if there is no suspense right? I can only say that THE VIRAL FACTOR is a must-watch movie. For those who super like Jay Chou and Nicholas Tse like me must go and watch it! You will enjoy the movie from the start till the end. 

The movie is still in cinemas in Malaysia so go and get the tickets and watch it!

LONG LIVE JAY CHOU AND NICHOLAS TSE!!! Hahahahahhhaha... >w<

Hope you all enjoy the movie! :)


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