Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Be ❤ Luxury Babe Luxury 3 Grey Color Contact Lenses Review

Hi my friends!

Today i'm going to do a review for my favorite contact lens of all time: Be ❤ Luxury Babe Luxury 3 grey color contact lenses! *LOL please bear with the long name* >w<

This lens is the no.1 lens in my favorite list. <3 Besides that, whoever saw my facebook pictures with me wearing these lenses, they encouraged me to wear these lenses more often because i looked good with them! Awwwwwwwwwww thank you so much guys! I appreciate it a lot! :D

So back to the topic. I bought grey and pink color for this design. I still prefer grey colour even though pink color is my favorite color of all time. I will do another review for the pink ones soon! :)

And this is the picture!

Colour and design :
♥ Very obvious grey color can be seen as the color is super obvious and pigmented.
♥ A complete change of eye color. Very suitable for wearing during cosplaying.
♥ The color of the lenses is a uni tone grey, may look unnatural.
♥ The grey color blend well with my dark brown eyes.
♥ The thick linings at the outer rims of the lenses give a dolly eye effect!
♥ Enlargement is pretty good.

Comfort :
♥ 3 words : Super duper comfortable.

My opinion :
♥ Great color, great design, great comfort: my best lenses so far.
♥ For those who wants a drastic change of eye color, you can try these lenses.
♥ Grey color lenses really change the appearance of a person as they give a sexy and mysterious look. These grey lenses are suitable for those who like smoky eye make up.
♥ As these lenses are quite dramatic looking, make up is required, but the good thing is these grey lenses suit any type of make up.
♥ Not recommended for natural eyes look.
♥ Compared to Luxury 12 Aqua colour, another good point for these lenses is they do not shift during photo shoots giving an "unbalanced look" which i dislike the most!
♥ Like i mentioned in my previous post, Be ❤ Luxury Babe contact lenses are one of the most comfortable lenses i wear so far besides i.Fairy. No worries as these lenses are soft and comfortable.

My overall rating : 9/10

Hope my review on these lenses help! :)

Happy trying and good luck! :)

p/s : I bought these lenses online, not being sponsored by any contact lens online shops. So i gave my frank opinion, no bias comment present. :)


cayumi nagamura said...

Great review, thanks for sharing it here !

i like the way you present your blog post.

I will visit your blog more often

Just for your info. you can also check out for more exciting brand colored circle lenses.

Enjoy and stay pretty : )


❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Thank you Mimiko for your comment! I appreciate it a lot... :)
I will put more effort in posing lens' reviews in the future, so just drop by to check out my blog anytime! If you want any new updates from my blog, feel free to follow my blog too... :)
Yup i already checked out your contact lens page,you have so many varieties of lenses there! Thank you for your recommendation! Have a nice day and stay pretty too! :D

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