Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013!!! :DDD

Happy New Year 2013 everyone! :D

It's gonna be a more awesome and exciting year! Can't wait to gain new experiences and have fun! :)

I just came back from a mini countdown party with Li Herng, Dorothy, Chin Loong, Min Wei and Yik Ming. We had some drinks, snacks and watch Steven Chow's funny movie. What a relaxing way to spend time with buddies! :D

We even played some card games after welcoming the New Year 2013. Haha it was super hilarious and funny! OMG i am really not good in "Heart Attack" game! Keep laughing until i forget to keep track during the game. Cannot stand myself lo. Hahahhahhaha...

Starting from today, which is the 1st day of New Year 2013, i will be a fully responsible girl, spend money wisely and of course, be a confident person which i will be the best of myself. :)

Hope my wishes for this awesome new year will come true and my Mr Right will come looking for me! :D

On the other side, i also hope that everyone will have a blast this new year as i got a feeling this new year is a good year where more good things will happen!

Cheers! :)

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