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Be ❤ Luxury Babe Luxury 12 Aqua Color Contact Lenses Review

Ok ladies and gentlemen, introducing my 1st review on Be ❤ Luxury Babe lens! :)

I got to know these pretty lenses at January last year, captivated by their unique designs and price! I saw the pretty pictures of models wearing these lenses(the colors of these lenses are very striking) and i even asked the online contact lens seller about the feedback of these lenses.

She told me Be ❤ Luxury Babe is the sister brand of the famous Super Barbie. But Be ❤ Luxury Babe lenses are softer and much more comfortable to wear compared to Super Barbie.

Yup she nailed it. I bought some of the lenses with random designs. Nothing wrong with giving them a try, right? :P

These are the 6 basic colors in Be ❤ Luxury Babe lenses.

 Ok this is the packaging bottles for Be ❤ Luxury Babe brand. It seems that they have changed it to flat plastic packaging now to prevent damage to the package during postage.

Colors of the lenses are distinct and vibrant! Great color to choose for a dolly eye effect! :)
The diameter of these lenses are 16mm!

Right eye with the aqua lens.

Both eyes with the lenses with natural lighting. Looks a little grey from far.

With lighting. Notice that the pupil design of the lenses are small.

Color and design :
❤ As i mentioned earlier, the color of the lenses are vibrant. It really change the color of my eyes. :)
❤ These lenses look like 3 tones lenses - aqua color with a little yellow or brown color around the pupil. Color effect - Excellent!
❤ Surprisingly the aqua color blend very well with my dark brown eye! Not bad not bad!
❤ Enlargement is only so-so for me. I think it is because of the absence of the black lining around the color lens. 
❤ As you can see, the pupil part of the lenses are small which is a disadvantage for me. The lenses tend to shift and during photo shoots the lenses sometimes turned out to be ''imbalance'' in pictures! 

 Compare left and right eyes. This may happens sometimes and it turns out ugly in pictures! = =

Comfort :
❤ The MAIN advantage of this brand. Super comfortable.
❤ I wore these lenses for 6 - 8 hours per day, sometimes 12 hours. And yet, no discomfort. 
❤ No eye drops required as my eyes did not dry off after long hours of wearing them. 

My opinion :
❤ Recommended to those who wants a drastic change of eye color. 
❤ As for comfort wise, a good pair of lenses to wear! I wear a few other designs for this brand and so far so good. No disappointment on the color and comfort, definitely will buy this brand again in the future! Cos they are really comfy to wear! :D
❤ Dolly eye effect is good. Suitable for wearing during cosplays or for dolly eye makeup.
❤ I need to wear makeup whenever i wear these lenses. Without makeup i will look like an alien. Thus, not recommended for very natural look.
❤ The iris diameter is small which makes the ''imbalance'' appearance of the eyes. I will buy Be ❤ Luxury Babe lenses again but not this design. Well different people have different types of eyes, it may not happen in certain people! :)
❤ Price is reasonable.
❤ Although these are a pair of comfortable lenses and they are yearly disposable lenses, try not to wear them more than 3 months. Don't risk your eyes people! :)

My overall rating : 7 / 10 

Definitely a good pair of lenses to wear, but the ''imbalance'' appearance of the lenses kind of disappoints me. Haha nothing is perfect though. :P

More pictures to show the effect of the lenses! 

There many online contact lens shop selling Be ❤ Luxury Babe and they have 50+ designs to choose from!

Hope my review on these lenses helps! :)

Happy trying and see you guys soon! Cheers! >w<

p/s : I bought all these lenses online, not being sponsored by any contact lens online shops. :)


cayumi nagamura said...

Great review, thanks for sharing it here !

Just for your info. you can also check out for more exciting brand colored circle lenses.

Enjoy and stay pretty : )


❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

You are welcome and thank you too! :)
Yup i just replied you at another blog post...
Have a nice day and stay pretty too! :D

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Luxury 12 color violet is still available ?

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