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The Versatile Blogger Award

3 months ago my new blog friend Emily nominated me and 14 other bloggers for the Versatile Blog Award. I was so surprised! I seldom update my blog so i didn't expect me myself to be nominated.. >w<

Suddenly something struck my mind, what is the Versatile Blogger Award? Do i receive a trophy or fabulous prizes? *think too much out of a sudden*

In the favour of my curiosity, i made a small research about this award and i found out that if you are nominated for this award, you have been AWARDED as well. WOW. Of course there is no trophy or prizes or free vouchers, the purpose of this award is to honor bloggers who bring something special to your life whether everyday or only now and then. In other words this award is given to appreciate bloggers who really put a lot of effort and love into their blogs and inspire other bloggers.

That means i would like to say a BIG thank you to Emily for the nomination! 谢谢你! I really appreciate it! :3

So, the rules for this award are:
➀ Thank the person who nominated you.
➁ Include a link to their blog.
➂ Nominate 15 bloggers you've recently discovered.
➃ Write down 7 facts about yourself.

Ok it's time to talk about Emily's blog! :) Emily's blog Emily Marysia is all about colorful make up, funky fashion, beauty tips and of course, KPOP! So do drop by at her blog and you will find lots of updates regarding Korean and Japanese inspired fashion/beauty! :D


This sounds like an Oscar nomination. Hahaha. *drum roll*
Ok here are the nominees! :)

1. Sakuranko from Sakuranko
2. Joyce from My Kaleidoscope
3. Mindy 美美 from Welcome Home
4. Fifi from Beautifying Life
5. Emi from Emi Doll Blog
6. Mizu from Mizuchan
7. June from Junniku
8. Yomi from Gwiyomistyle
9. Chermaine from Chermaine Ho
10. Angel Mariel from The Things I Do For Love
11. Christine from Little Blue Haven
12. Angeline from Just a girl's heaven
13. Rikku from Rikkus blog
14. Miwitch J from Miwitch
15. Majorie from Lace and Leather

Congratulations to the all the nominees! Your blogs are amazing! :)

7 facts about myself :
➀ Drawing and painting are one of my lifelong addictions as i love arts, A LOT. 

➁ My favourite scenaries? Sky scenaries and the galaxies. I enjoy looking at beautiful and breathtaking scenaries and i will become happy and calm instantly just by looking at them. Haha sometimes i will do nothing and just stare at the pretty sky for a very long time. :)

➂ I love Sailor Moon! :D Do you know that most of my friends laughed at me when i told them about this? They said i'm childish for reading this kind of manga. But that was a long time ago. Haha for now i don't care anymore, instead, i'm proud to be a Sailor Moon Fan! :P Naoko Takeuchi is one of the brilliant manga artists in Japanese manga history and her Sailor Moon manga series are awesome and unforgettable! That's why i adore Sailor Moon manga and anime very much! By the way my favorite sailor senshi is Sailor Venus. :3

➃ Learning different style of make ups and matching make ups with contact lenses and wigs are one of my hobbies. Hehe i love to apply my art skills during make up, especially during eye shadow application.

➄ Music is my life. As long as the song is nice, the language and the genre of the song doesn't matter to me. Most of the time I prefer songs with strong beats or clubbing songs. Sweet love songs and sentimental songs are not bad too. :)

➅ Wanna find a karaoke buddy? Find me! Hahahahaha as usual i love to sing. Singing karaoke is the most enjoyable hobby for me and i always spend time singing karaoke with my family and friends. Love it to the max. If got chance i want to join many singing competitions to gain more experiences and make new friends that love to sing too. :)

➆ I'm a foodie. Love food, love to eat but hate becoming fat. = = Love to yumcha (drink tea in Cantonese, which is one of the cultures of Malaysians where friends gather at a cafe to have a drink and chit chat at night) with friends. :3

Last but not least, thank you for reading my blog. Have a nice day and see you soon at my next blog post! ♡


❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Thankyouu for nominating me for this awesome award and sharing your facts^_^ we actually have a lot in common :P I love sailor moon too~ you can never be too old for that show, and I always liked sailor Venus as well, but only cos she was the prettiest though hahaa :P

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Aww, thanks for nominating me :3 I really like reading more about you c: If you like singing that much we should go to a karaoke bar together one day hahaa And we can buy a lot of circle lenses and wigs and match them together LOL

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

I'm sorry there was no trophies hehe, but I'm happy that you did this post! ^-^ I can relate to the majority of your facts~ especially numbers 4,5 and 7 :D x

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Oh wow, thanks for nominating me, Stephanie! :) I'm a super foodie too.. I guess all Singaporeans / Malaysians are the same? Haha! I miss yum cha so much.. Can't wait to have some when I go back to Sg :D

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Aww, thank you for the nomination! I'm like the ultimate Karaoke buddy, but I'm more of a ... "performer". LOL. I can't sing for beans, so I just make dance moves and yeah... hmm.. ok.
And I loveee Sailor moon! Still obsessed. I watched an episode randomly a few months ago, and I swear I cried LOL. So moving I crrrriedd.

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Thanks for nominating me <3

You sounds like a sweet and kind girl, I hope we can get to know each other more in the future and maybe have some chances to do make ups together =)

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Thanks for nominating me ^^
Yeah now I manage to recall back who you are xD because people usually look different in school and outside hehe, you are prettier now =D I am really surprised u still remember me :3 although I was just a normal prefect in the prefect board haha
Followed you back! <3


❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Thank you very much for the nomination is very interesting to know more about you, the music is certainly life I also love music, it relaxes me, I start and end my day listening to music. I hope you have a cute day sweetie~~

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Thank you so much for the nomination!
and psst..i love food too!haha

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Thanks for nominating me, Stephanie! :) I will make my post about it this week! :) Watch out for it! :)

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Thank you so much for nominating me, Stephanie ^_^ I'm sorry I didn't reply any sooner due to busy week. But I will write the post soon :D thanks again! I grew up watching sailormoon in tv2. Did you? ^_^

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Hi Stephanie! :) Thanks for visiting my blog. Burning fats is easier said than done. I know right! LOL! :)

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Hello, Stephanie~! First of all, thank you so much for nominating me. I am so sorry if it took me forever to make a blog post about it >.< I will send you the link once I have finished the entry about the nomination ♥ It was really fun to know these things about you ♥

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