Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy Happy Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year my friends! :D

This new year 2014 is gonna be an exciting and fun year! Lots of blog posts are on the way to be published just for this awesome year! >w<

Hehe one of my new year resolutions is to blog more, more and MORE this year! Hope everything will go on smoothly for me so i can spend more time sharing my opinions and reviews here... :)

I'm gonna blog about many random stuffs again this new year especially about my new collections and hobbies, lifestyles and of course, my new year diet plan! Yes no joke. This year i'm gonna lose more weight and reach my ideal weight for real this time. NO MORE PROCRASTINATION. :)

Please forgive me as i have been stuck with HOLY MAMA work loads last year. Past is past. Time to change now and blog more! *feeling determined*

Hope to see u guys soon cos i have many exciting blog posts on the way!

Happy New Year 2014 and may this new year brings more joy, health and money to you all! HAHA!

Cheers! :DDD

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