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♕ PIDC Night 2011 - A Red Carpet Affair ♕

Holaaaaaaaaaaaaa peeps!

It's been 2 weeks since the last time i blog...and finally PIDC Night 2011 is over and i finished my Malaysian Studies last week!!! WOOHOOOOOO~~~

I had flu when i sat the Malaysian Studies Final Exams and i had a terrible time. The examiner saw me sniffing so badly with tonnes of tissue papers on the table, and adjust the air conditioner temperature.


OMG my flu became worst and i sneezed even more in the exam hall. VERY ZHA DAO LO.
Thank goodness i managed to finish the paper in time with one hand pressing my nose. It was horrible as i could not focus in the exam. Curse u flu!!!!!!!!!!! >.<

For PIDC Night 2011, we had an awesome night at Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang Island.

Ya it was the same hotel we went for last year's PIDC Night. But this year the event was much more different.

We have a whole different dinner menu (the dinner was better than i expected), we have a photo booth just beside the hall entrance with an awesome Hollywood-inspired background, a beautifully decorated stage and we have many awesome performances this year!!!
Plus the theme for the night was fantastic ---------- > A Red Carpet Affair~!
Everyone look like a star that very night!

6th Batch Juniors, WELL DONE! :D

And guess what, S.Y.N performed 2 songs that very night too!

Haha S.Y.N is me and Ji Wi! XD
To cut the story short, S.Y.N is a duet group formed by Ji Wi and me during the KBOX KKING 2011 singing competition held in Ipoh this year. I'll blog about S.Y.N soon or later! :p
And we are being invited by the organizing committee to perform 2 songs at PIDC Night. :)))
We sang "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat and "Count On Me" by Bruno Mars...

Now Snapped Pictures for the night! :p

 Jiwi and me behind the stage.

Haha i am sure u guys see this picture before! :)
It's Desmond and me!
He's one of the emcee for the night!

 Jiwi and Desmond!

The cute couple for the night! <3

 Si Jie and me!

I met a handsome Japanese guy that night! LOL
It's Andrew la, the most handsome guy in PIDC! :p (he will fly high if he sees this)

This is the Hollywood photo booth that i was talking about! Cool right?? 

Snapped photos of Si Jie and Lena while they were posing in front of the cameras.

 Si Jie, Amelia and Lena...

 Meet the ''wedding couple'', Ron and Michelle... XD

 Michelle won the Best Dressed for Female! Congratulations Michelle! 

 Me and Li Herng's girlfriend, Dorothy...
And she's SEXAY!!! 

 The dinner settings were very nice! Love it!

 Juliana and me!

 Pretty Hor Yan and Peoy Shiam! 

 Me with Daphne, Yik Ming and Yee Sim...
Yik Ming looks gorgeous with her Princess-like dress! Super suit her!!! XD
Yee Sim on the other hand looks like a Eastern beauty with her Cheong Sam and super pretty hairdo and make up...At 1st she scared to wear it because she thought she will look old with it, but she finally wore it after we convinced her to do so! :)))

 Me and one of my house mate Li Herng on the red carpet... :)

 Ji Wi and me on the red carpet!
Really hope that we will have a chance to perform on stage together again next time (this is the last time he's attending PIDC Night as he's gonna graduate next year)... >.<
I really appreciate having a funny partner like him! :')

 Yee Sim and her boyfriend.
Aren't they look matching??? :D

 Yeah our lucky table for the night!!!
I was shocked when they told me this is the table that i'm sitting, and 23 is my lucky number!
FYI our table got 6 people won the lucky draws! SUPER LUCKY! 

 Andrew and Juliana~

 Me and buddy Yik Ming! :)))

 Haha we snapped this pictures by ourselves!
Sorry for the imperfect pictures... >.<

 I won one of the lucky draws!
Gotta tell u this is my 2nd time winning this!!!
I have no luck in winning lucky draws so i was super excited when they announced my ticket number!
Way to go lucky 23!

 Emcees for the night : Roselyn and Desmond!
I think they are good emcees as they are very fluent in English and they are good in telling jokes.
Good job guys! I enjoyed a lot during the performances! :)
I super like the design of the stage!
It gave us a feel of the Grammy Awards Ceremony... :)

 Dharshini, me and Yik Ming~

 Me and my senior Gloria!
She looked stunning that night! :)

 Gloria, me and Yew Jhin!
They are so nice as they came from a long way just to attend our PIDC Night!
So touching! You guys are the best! :')

 Me and another housemate of mine, Khai Ling!
Awesome dress too!

 Me and Charis!
She looked prettier now!
Become more sexay already i guess... XD

 Me and pretty Cindy~

Meet my seniors Yihan and Carmen! :)

 Christopher a.k.a Ah Boy and me~~~

 Me and the Head of Organizer for PIDC Cup, Jet! :)


 Dorothy and me again!

 Pretty Min Wei and me! 

 Remember our model "Ryuk the Shinigami" for face painting competition?
Here he is!!!
Chin Loong and his pretty girlfriend, Min Wei!

 Me and Hamsap Herng! Haha!
Act cool somemore... ==

 Hey where are u looking at??? ==

 My cute cute senior Xiao Shuan and me~

 Dixie and Min Wei posing for pictures! >w<

 Pretty Peoy Shiam and me! <3

 Me and Sue Jane~

 Lena looked very cute!

 Sue Jane and her 2 bodyguards..haha...

 Why so serious Shue Kang? =="'

 Me and my senior Caroline~

 Me and leng lui Sand Ming!
Love her hat! XD

 My neighbor Reagan and me... =w=

 Our team Blueno Mars won the PIDC CUP 2011!!!
Super proud of my team!!! XD

 Congratulations Bluenos! :)))

These are the pictures after the dinner~~~ ^w^

* Rachel and me *

So these are the pictures that i have snapped!

Marvelous dinner, Marvelous night, Marvelous friends!
Looking forward to gather around again for more events! :)

Anyway Merry Christmas to all my friends!!!
Although it's a bit late to wish you all right now, hope you all have an awesome holiday! :D


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