Friday, 9 December 2011

Finally i have straighten my hair,WHAT THE HELL

For God's sake finally i have straighten my absolute ugly wavy hair. The auntie hair of mine has gone... PHEW...i have waited too long for this and i did it at last.

I freaking hate to say this, i'm damn busy since last Saturday till now because of the LAN class. 

Yup i said LAN class.

I really cannot tahan lor why our STPM's Pengajian Am (General Papers) can not be used in Universities right now...then why at the 1st place they introduce General Papers in STPM? And General Papers are not easy, we had to study very hard just to get an A. But at the end, we have to study the same whole thing again plus Form 5's History in LAN subject. Ya the history starting from Portuguese in Malacca till today...=.= 

We are joining classes with the other juniors who studied STPM or A levels that did not take LAN Subject too. A big class comprises of 47 people. WOW having the same class as them is a new experience for me. I feel like i have to study more since we are the most senior in the class. LOL. Of course la, can not embarrass ourselves in front of them ma...haha...

Add more hatred to the subject, we have to attend classes at Saturdays and Sundays from 8.30pm till 4.30pm  for 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN NOT ACCEPT THIS FACT THE MOST! My 3 December weekends are gone. My sleeping time are gone. My online time are gone. Pathetic. TT^TT
I can't imagine waking up so early on weekends and go to class. It is much more tiring than attending tuition classes during the Secondary School period. PLUS, at Monday and Wednesday we have extra 2 hours class each. OMG. We instantly became pandas after a few days. My body can not move at all yesterday. 101% exhausted so i slept the whole day. And yet, i'm still tired. WTH.
So i have LAN Subject Exams for this month. 42 hours of classes in just 3 weeks time, really an express class. No choice lor have to study harder this month.

This December is gonna be a hard core month for me. So many things to do in just 3 weeks. I really gotta finish up my tasks before going back to Melaka for Christmas Holidays. 

Melaka wait for me ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

That's why i have no time to go to the salon. At last i choose a day for the hair straightening cos i really can  not tahan my messy wavy hair. It makes me look like an untidy auntie. Auntie look is definitely a NO-NO for me. PANTANG. MEMANG PANTANG. So i made an appointment with my hairstylist friend in Penang Island and i did a half head length hair straightening at her salon. My friend told me my hair end is still straight so i left the job to her. She did a great job indeed! Thank you very much! :D
Pretty much satisfied with my hair now! :)

I guess i will dye my hair before next year's Chinese New Year cos my time table is so packed with things to do and my hair is not yet ready to be dyed. I don't want my hair to become a lion's hair again, which happened to me early of this year. Learned my lesson and i want to preserve my long healthy hair although i kept thinking of dying my hair so badly!!!

Ok gotta go and rest now before i become a big fat panda again... =.=
Good night people! :)


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