Monday, 19 December 2011

Annoying scene in da club

Clubbing, not my usual style of life.

Cause i don't like the stupid second hand smoke in the club, i don't like the super loud noise in the club until i have to shout like a mad woman when i'm talking to my friends (although i love clubbing musics) and i don't like some people making out in the club.

Yup, that's right. Making out in the club.

FYI, these people are young girls. WHAT THE HELL???

COME ON LA, go and find a room and do it. I know it's a club, but please, PLEASE respect other people that are in the club. 

They are not meant to be invisible you know?

They are like you, just come for clubbing, have some whiskey or a jug of beer and dance...
What you all did are very disgusting. Especially when you girls make out with some unknown strangers.


Still wanna do it in front of other people? Go to a hotel la. Don't pollute other people's eye.

Spoil my mood to be in the club. I feel like going some other place to hang out instead...

Even my other friends that goes clubbing very frequently doesn't act stupid like you girls do!!!

You girls make me puke, do you know that? Waste my beer that i have drank. ==

Yesterday my friends told me about a friend of mine doing the same thing in a club.
I was shocked. 
She was very descent in class and i didn't expect she did that in the club.

Imagine Red Riding Hood in the morning turning into a sexy wolf at night. ==

Wow really cannot judge a book by its cover. How silly i am.

Yes, you can go to a club, i'm not bias towards clubbing.
It's not that i dislike clubbing, i prefer to go a pub because it is more quiet and i can drink peacefully.
But please behave yourself at the club, everyone is watching you no matter what they are doing.
I can't listen to a one-sided story but do you know, when a drop of black ink drops into a glass of clear water, it becomes dark forever and it is not easy to become crystal clear again?
Think about it. 
I hope you will know your mistake and do not repeat it.
Well even though she's not a close friend of mine, but i still can not accept the fact she's that kind of girl...
I really hope she realize her mistakes and change it. 

**Anyway, OverTime at Raja Uda in Butterworth is an awesome place. Go and check it out if you peeps have the time ya~ ^^
Their beer is fresh and the taste is awesome...**


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