Friday, 31 May 2013

148 Inspired by Fynale Pearl Black Contact Lenses Review

After a few reviews of colorful contact lenses, i decided to have another review.

But this time, it's a natural contact lenses review! :)

I am not fond of black, chocolate or brown color contact lenses/circle lenses because i prefer contact lenses with unique and striking color like grey, pink, green, etc...

So what made me changed my mind? Before my graduation day, i did some research on contact lenses and some pictures of my friends taken at their graduation day so that i can choose a pair of suitable contact lenses to wear on my big day. I found out a few of them wore striking contact lenses and their eyes appeared to be so weird, especially during family photo shoots! Maybe their choice of contact lenses are not right or perhaps they didn't put any make up, but it's really a no-no for me. No offense but i do not want my eyes to appear buggy or alien-like on my graduation day.

This time i really need a pair of black or brown contact lenses to pull off a natural look. Haha not really a very natural look but natural enough to look good on photos. Yup i am very picky on this. :P

I started my research online again to search for these contact lenses and so coincidentally i saw this picture on facebook :

Wow the Fynale shop posted the right thing at the right time!

For your info 148 Inspired by Fynale is a sister brand of Fynale Cosmetic Lens.
Heard before theProdigurls and theProdigurls Absolute? Yup both of them are the sister brands of Fynale Cosmetic Lens too, you can read more of their info at here.

148 only has contact lenses up to power -5.00, which is kind of sad huh. Cos i need contact lenses way beyond -5.00! TT^TT

But now two designs of 148 contact lenses have power up to -10.00 now!!! SHO HAPPY!!!!!


And yeah, i bought these 2 designs, Pearl Black and Pearl Choco. I tried both of these lenses before my graduation day and i decided to wear Pearl Black! HOHOHO...

These are the pictures! 

 Nice packaging! :)

Comparison between Pearl Choco and Pearl Black.

Details of the contact lenses. Oops I think they forget to change the details of the power range.

What i like about these lenses that they are safe to wear and the Fynale online shops are the authorized distributer and seller.

Very detailed information about 148 behind the package.

 Left without lens, right with lens. The enlargement is quite obvious.

Under room light.

With camera flash.

Sorry for the unpleasant water drops in the picture. LOL.

Color and design :
☺Normal black color, but not as dark as other circle lens design.
☺Considered a circle lens, blends very well with my dark brown eyes.
☺Enlargement effect is good. 
☺Very natural looking.
☺Makes my eye more energetic and bright. :)

Comfort :
☺Comfortable for the 1st 6 hours, beyond that i have to put eye drops to moisten my eyes.
☺My eyes tend to get tired after 8 hours and they become dry easily.
☺The only good point is they are very soft compared to other brands.

My opinion : 
☺For the initial half an hour of wearing these lenses, my eyes do not feel comfortable. Actually my eyes do not feel dry, but the lenses tend to shift and i teared sometimes. But the weird thing is after half an hour, everything is ok and my eyes are back to normal. And the weird part is it happens all the time when i wear these lenses. Weird huh? Maybe i tend to wear them after 20 minutes waking up in the morning, that's why my eyes do not feel comfortable. = =
☺I only wear these lenses for 6 hours MAXIMUM.
☺I'm quite satisfied with the color and the design of these lenses. Natural looking, great for simple make up or everyday make up. They really make you look more energetic!
☺Their price is much more cheaper than other brands.
☺148 means that 14.8mm in diameter. These lenses have good enlargement effect: not too big and not too small, just nice. :)
☺Although it was not written on the package, they are yearly disposable contact lenses. I was advised by the seller not to wear them more than 3 months. Hygiene and safety come 1st! 
☺One more thing i want to emphasize is that the plastic packaging is freaking hard to be opened! After using so much strength i only able to pull half of the aluminium cover and I used 10 minutes to open one cover. Imagine how tough is the seal! But they are safer compared to vials with thick aluminium caps. So please be careful while opening the seals to prevent the lens from flying out and having a hard time looking for them. LOL

My overall rating : 7/10 

Natural looking, good enlargement, but i only wear them during formal events.
Hehe i'm still obsessed with colorful contact lenses for daily outing. :)

LOL some of my friends say they prefer the ''natural-looking'' me. Haha oh well, different people different opinions. :P

For those who are looking for these natural-looking contact lenses, you can check out at here.

Fynale just launched a new series called Fynale Classic, great designs and color! But most of them have power up to -5.00 only. WHY FYNALE WHY??? 
Oh well, if interested check them out at here too.

Ok folks! Done my review at last! Hehe what an accomplishment.

I really hope my review helps, if got any comments or opinions please do not hesitate to leave a comment below! Good luck in trying the new contact lenses!

Have a good weekend! Good night! :3

p/s : I bought these lenses online, not being sponsored by any contact lens online shop. So i gave my frank opinion, no bias comment given in this post. :)

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Be ❤ Luxury Babe Luxury 3 Grey Color Contact Lenses Review

Hi my friends!

Today i'm going to do a review for my favorite contact lens of all time: Be ❤ Luxury Babe Luxury 3 grey color contact lenses! *LOL please bear with the long name* >w<

This lens is the no.1 lens in my favorite list. <3 Besides that, whoever saw my facebook pictures with me wearing these lenses, they encouraged me to wear these lenses more often because i looked good with them! Awwwwwwwwwww thank you so much guys! I appreciate it a lot! :D

So back to the topic. I bought grey and pink color for this design. I still prefer grey colour even though pink color is my favorite color of all time. I will do another review for the pink ones soon! :)

And this is the picture!

Colour and design :
♥ Very obvious grey color can be seen as the color is super obvious and pigmented.
♥ A complete change of eye color. Very suitable for wearing during cosplaying.
♥ The color of the lenses is a uni tone grey, may look unnatural.
♥ The grey color blend well with my dark brown eyes.
♥ The thick linings at the outer rims of the lenses give a dolly eye effect!
♥ Enlargement is pretty good.

Comfort :
♥ 3 words : Super duper comfortable.

My opinion :
♥ Great color, great design, great comfort: my best lenses so far.
♥ For those who wants a drastic change of eye color, you can try these lenses.
♥ Grey color lenses really change the appearance of a person as they give a sexy and mysterious look. These grey lenses are suitable for those who like smoky eye make up.
♥ As these lenses are quite dramatic looking, make up is required, but the good thing is these grey lenses suit any type of make up.
♥ Not recommended for natural eyes look.
♥ Compared to Luxury 12 Aqua colour, another good point for these lenses is they do not shift during photo shoots giving an "unbalanced look" which i dislike the most!
♥ Like i mentioned in my previous post, Be ❤ Luxury Babe contact lenses are one of the most comfortable lenses i wear so far besides i.Fairy. No worries as these lenses are soft and comfortable.

My overall rating : 9/10

Hope my review on these lenses help! :)

Happy trying and good luck! :)

p/s : I bought these lenses online, not being sponsored by any contact lens online shops. So i gave my frank opinion, no bias comment present. :)

Monday, 20 May 2013

Be ❤ Luxury Babe Luxury 12 Aqua Color Contact Lenses Review

Ok ladies and gentlemen, introducing my 1st review on Be ❤ Luxury Babe lens! :)

I got to know these pretty lenses at January last year, captivated by their unique designs and price! I saw the pretty pictures of models wearing these lenses(the colors of these lenses are very striking) and i even asked the online contact lens seller about the feedback of these lenses.

She told me Be ❤ Luxury Babe is the sister brand of the famous Super Barbie. But Be ❤ Luxury Babe lenses are softer and much more comfortable to wear compared to Super Barbie.

Yup she nailed it. I bought some of the lenses with random designs. Nothing wrong with giving them a try, right? :P

These are the 6 basic colors in Be ❤ Luxury Babe lenses.

 Ok this is the packaging bottles for Be ❤ Luxury Babe brand. It seems that they have changed it to flat plastic packaging now to prevent damage to the package during postage.

Colors of the lenses are distinct and vibrant! Great color to choose for a dolly eye effect! :)
The diameter of these lenses are 16mm!

Right eye with the aqua lens.

Both eyes with the lenses with natural lighting. Looks a little grey from far.

With lighting. Notice that the pupil design of the lenses are small.

Color and design :
❤ As i mentioned earlier, the color of the lenses are vibrant. It really change the color of my eyes. :)
❤ These lenses look like 3 tones lenses - aqua color with a little yellow or brown color around the pupil. Color effect - Excellent!
❤ Surprisingly the aqua color blend very well with my dark brown eye! Not bad not bad!
❤ Enlargement is only so-so for me. I think it is because of the absence of the black lining around the color lens. 
❤ As you can see, the pupil part of the lenses are small which is a disadvantage for me. The lenses tend to shift and during photo shoots the lenses sometimes turned out to be ''imbalance'' in pictures! 

 Compare left and right eyes. This may happens sometimes and it turns out ugly in pictures! = =

Comfort :
❤ The MAIN advantage of this brand. Super comfortable.
❤ I wore these lenses for 6 - 8 hours per day, sometimes 12 hours. And yet, no discomfort. 
❤ No eye drops required as my eyes did not dry off after long hours of wearing them. 

My opinion :
❤ Recommended to those who wants a drastic change of eye color. 
❤ As for comfort wise, a good pair of lenses to wear! I wear a few other designs for this brand and so far so good. No disappointment on the color and comfort, definitely will buy this brand again in the future! Cos they are really comfy to wear! :D
❤ Dolly eye effect is good. Suitable for wearing during cosplays or for dolly eye makeup.
❤ I need to wear makeup whenever i wear these lenses. Without makeup i will look like an alien. Thus, not recommended for very natural look.
❤ The iris diameter is small which makes the ''imbalance'' appearance of the eyes. I will buy Be ❤ Luxury Babe lenses again but not this design. Well different people have different types of eyes, it may not happen in certain people! :)
❤ Price is reasonable.
❤ Although these are a pair of comfortable lenses and they are yearly disposable lenses, try not to wear them more than 3 months. Don't risk your eyes people! :)

My overall rating : 7 / 10 

Definitely a good pair of lenses to wear, but the ''imbalance'' appearance of the lenses kind of disappoints me. Haha nothing is perfect though. :P

More pictures to show the effect of the lenses! 

There many online contact lens shop selling Be ❤ Luxury Babe and they have 50+ designs to choose from!

Hope my review on these lenses helps! :)

Happy trying and see you guys soon! Cheers! >w<

p/s : I bought all these lenses online, not being sponsored by any contact lens online shops. :)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Stephanie Angel's comeback!

Good morning my ladies and gentlemen! *mother father gentlemen*

Totally addicted to this viral song since Psy's new song ''Gentlemen" was released few months back. LOVE THE SONG TO THE MAX.

Ok back to the main thing.

This sleeping pig here just wanna say I'M BACK. *Arnold Schwarzenegger in the house*

Or should i say i woke up.......? =w=

SO SO SO SO SO SORRY for the 5 months blog-break(study break + never ending Exams + 2 months hooooooooooooooooliday)! This year is very important to me especially as it is my Final Year for me as a dental student. I spent the 1st 3 months on my studies and i was super busy on my projects. Hope you all forgive this never ending busy blogger.

And YES. All the effort i gave paid off. I DID IT.

Holy mama i'm so thankful to God for making my dreams come true, and of course i'm very thankful to my dear family and friends who supported me for all these 5 years. It was tough and thank God i managed to go through all the hardships and obstacles to get a dental degree.

I really can't believe i'm officially a dentist now! :DDD

No worries my ladies and gentlemen, i'm still the same Stephanie Angel, gonna make a huge comeback for my blog! :)

One more month left before i'm starting my job as a dentist. So i'm spending my precious time sharing my opinion and thoughts at my blog, starting by today of course! 

See you guys very soon on the next blog post! :3


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