Monday, 31 October 2011

Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle worm~

I notice some of my friends replace their facebook profile pictures with this cute wiggling worm... :o

Cute right??
And i thought their own group of friends created a special wormy group where different people has their own different worm..LOL 
I just ignored it cos i was too lazy to search about it... =w=

But when i browsed through my facebook yesterday night, the phenomenon gets crazier where most of my friends have their own wiggling worm profile picture..waseh my curiosity is getting bigger and bigger..just at that very moment Kimiro posted a link why these people uploaded these cute cute pictures and due to my kepo-ness i did a research on that...

I found out from that website that:


so i started generated one and this came out:

HAHA! my very own version of pink eel... <3

Wanna have a try?just click the link below and i think u need to LIKE the page before u design ur own eel...

Have fun eel-ing! :)

aiks suddenly i feel bad eating a piece of unagi at a Japanese Restaurant at Tangkak few days back... >.<

Please forgive my stomach... T.T

by the way, this picture made me = . =


It's so freaking fast that my one week holiday is up, now back to my small room which is stuffed with mountains of new bought time i have to think thrice before i buy certain items again... =.=

And to my expectations,it is raining at Penang, i never seen Penang raining cats and dogs ever since i shifted to this place..last week Melaka and Johor have pouring rain too..even though i love rainy days,i hope the rain comes in a sequence as low lands here are starting to flood like mad..and because of that we have muddy feet everyday..NO ONE LIKES SQUISHY MUDDY SLIPPERS WHEN WALKING...
Hope God let the sun work a little OT so that Thailand's flood can come to an end soon... > . <

Ok finish with the rain,tomorrow's gonna be a busy start as our batch is the organizing batch for our college's Sports Day..i wish everything will follow their own flow and no more misunderstandings happen again this time..But i got a good feeling this time is gonna be a better event.. *cross fingers* :)
I will give more updates about the PIDC Cup Opening 2011 on this Tuesday and upload some interesting pictures (if i got the mood to take pictures)..hiak hiak hope my mood for that day is good la...LOL

Ok time to go and sleep before turning into a walking zombie later...
See ya~ :)

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Finally,this Chubby Angel is out! ^w^

LOL after 7 months of considering whether to open a blog or not (well the better word for it is procrastinating =w= ), i finally push my lazy pig attitude aside and start a blog for this sleepless night (and yet again i am a night pig)...i'm gonna post random pink stuffs that inspire me to open this blog and of course the amazing things i have gone through as a normal chubby girl..i have lots of things to learn from many experienced bloggers and don't blame me on the boring blogs..i will work hard on that..hiak hiak..ok cut that short,hope u all will enjoy reading my mini pink blog! Muaxxxxx! >w<

p/s: bonus picture for my 1st blog post... *hiak hiak*

Lastly,PINK rules!!! :)

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