Monday, 31 October 2011


It's so freaking fast that my one week holiday is up, now back to my small room which is stuffed with mountains of new bought time i have to think thrice before i buy certain items again... =.=

And to my expectations,it is raining at Penang, i never seen Penang raining cats and dogs ever since i shifted to this place..last week Melaka and Johor have pouring rain too..even though i love rainy days,i hope the rain comes in a sequence as low lands here are starting to flood like mad..and because of that we have muddy feet everyday..NO ONE LIKES SQUISHY MUDDY SLIPPERS WHEN WALKING...
Hope God let the sun work a little OT so that Thailand's flood can come to an end soon... > . <

Ok finish with the rain,tomorrow's gonna be a busy start as our batch is the organizing batch for our college's Sports Day..i wish everything will follow their own flow and no more misunderstandings happen again this time..But i got a good feeling this time is gonna be a better event.. *cross fingers* :)
I will give more updates about the PIDC Cup Opening 2011 on this Tuesday and upload some interesting pictures (if i got the mood to take pictures)..hiak hiak hope my mood for that day is good la...LOL

Ok time to go and sleep before turning into a walking zombie later...
See ya~ :)


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