Saturday, 29 October 2011

Finally,this Chubby Angel is out! ^w^

LOL after 7 months of considering whether to open a blog or not (well the better word for it is procrastinating =w= ), i finally push my lazy pig attitude aside and start a blog for this sleepless night (and yet again i am a night pig)...i'm gonna post random pink stuffs that inspire me to open this blog and of course the amazing things i have gone through as a normal chubby girl..i have lots of things to learn from many experienced bloggers and don't blame me on the boring blogs..i will work hard on that..hiak hiak..ok cut that short,hope u all will enjoy reading my mini pink blog! Muaxxxxx! >w<

p/s: bonus picture for my 1st blog post... *hiak hiak*

Lastly,PINK rules!!! :)


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