Monday, 13 February 2012

Legendary Female Singer : Whitney Houston

Yesterday morning i was stunned when i checked my facebook.

My friend posted "R.I.P Whitney Houston..." on their walls...


I thought it was just a joke, but there are numbers of posts about her death.

I can't believe this shocking news as she was only 48 years old, it is still considered young for her to leave this world.
And if she's still alive, maybe she's got another half a century to go before going to heaven. Maybe she can produce more good musics with her strong vocal.
Life is really unpredictable. I'm sure everyone didn't expect that she will leave us so early, just like Michael Jackson.
Come on, they are legends in the music industry! >.<

I was quite sad because her song "I Will Always Love you" and her movie "The Bodyguard" are one of my favorites...And i never have the chance to see her perform live on stage again. :(

I still remember when i was a little girl, my dad loved her vocal and always praised her music talents when she performed on TV. Our family enjoyed a lot when we watched her stage performances on TV.
Even until today, my dad says her voice is still unbeatable, even young talented singers with super strong vocals can not beat her too.
Her voice is special, her vocal is super strong and her musics come with emotions. One of the best vocal female singers besides Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.

I hate this feeling of loosing a talented singer with 6 Grammy Awards like her...I had this feeling too when Michael Jackson passed away more than 2 years ago...Since she is gone now, i bet many people miss her dearly and will remember her as a legend. Her music was irreplaceable.

I hope she rest in peace and may God bless her family, friends and other fans around the world.

                                          -WHITNEY HOUSTON-

REST IN PEACE my legendary idol.

We will always love you.

p/s : Life is too short to complain about everything, get hold of yourself, appreciate people and things around you. Be happy and enjoy today like there's no tomorrow. 


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