Monday, 6 February 2012

Enter the Dragon - Chinese New Year Eve

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
Hohoho very paiseh for the late blog post, but at least today is still CNY right? :)

2 weeks ago we finally can celebrate CNY 3 years after my grandfather passed away...
Miss u a lot ah gong... >.<

So after eating Reunion Dinner at home with my dad, mum and 2 brothers, we went to our grandmother's house around 9pm and get ready to 拜天宫, which is an usual prayer ceremony to the Gods that we will perform during the eve of CNY and the 8th day of CNY (for Hokkien's CNY)...

Getting ready to offer prayers to 天宫!:)

 My dad preparing to lid up the red fire crackers!
LOL my dad is so happy here... :D

 Opposite neighbor's burning fire crackers... 


Our turn to lid the fire crackers! :)))

 Humongous fireworks at that night!
The fireworks can be seen continuously for around 2 hours.
Tangkak people are rich you know? :P

 The decorations for the kampung street at night.

Everyone went back to Tangkak except my cousins Win Nie and her family...
Haha it's ok lar since they went back to my grandmother's house during the 1st day of CNY.
We had lots of fun gossiping though. Hiak hiak.

I prefer the days before CNY.
The preparation, the house cleaning, and the CNY shopping are fun.
And hinting my parents to give big ang pows too. :D

Mandarin oranges and Shandy are my favorite snacks during CNY.
So don't blame me if i gain weight ok, once in a year ma. HAHA.

OK gonna post another blog post soon. Stay tuned. :)


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