Saturday, 19 November 2011

Old Snappy Snaps

Found this while looking through my old pictures.


I forget how i look with a fringe already. @.@

I got this new makeover last year at Max Style Salon in Jusco at Bukit Mertajam. 
The story goes like this : I saw Yee Sim with a very cool boy haircut and i kept asking her for the salon's name and the hairstylist who did the haircut for her. So Max Style Salon was the salon and March did the haircut for her.

Yup, his name was March.

Cool eh! His name really made me confident in his hair cutting talent.

After a week i made an appointment with March, went to that salon and get a whole new makeover. March was very polite and patient. He discussed with me what hairstyles i had in mind and explained to me what he will do for my hair to make me look different. This is the 1st time i discussed with a hairstylist and it took us 15 minutes to decide which hairstyle is nice on me. (Normally hairstylists just ask what hairstyle u want and they will go with it straight away) With such a round round face like mine i know fringe is not suitable for me and short hair is an absolute no-no for me. So at the end he told me that long hair suits me, OR i can choose shoulder-length wavy hair. CURL HAIR IS A NO-NO. ARGHHHHHHHHHH he said my dream hair doesn't suit me at all!!! TT^TT

Left with 2 choices, i choose the shoulder length hair since i had long hair already. But one day, i will choose the curly hairstyle once i slim down to my ideal weight! HNGGGGGGGGG!!! X)

And this is what had turn out after the haircut.

I look like a secondary school girl.


Ji Wi went to Jusco and find me for dinner that day and he was shocked with my new look. He said i look like a doll. HOHOHO i was surprised he said that to me cos he always praise himself instead of other people. LOL i'm not lying!!!

My friends in college said my new haircut is cute because of the fringe..(floating in the air) haha i was really glad to have March to do the whole new makeover for me. And of course i went back to that salon a few times to let him cut my hair again!

This is another picture of me during Cindy's birthday last year.

New look new style new haircut.
I super like my hairstyle at that time.

But now my hair have grown back to the usual long length. Gotta straighten my hair and dye my hair soon. Yalor lately freaking busy till no time to touch up my hair. TT^TT
I will post up new pictures soon for the face painting competition (really soon)! :p
Stay tune stay tune!


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