Saturday, 19 November 2011

I'm still here..wohoooooooo~

Just want to let you leng zai and leng lui know I'M STILL ALIVE.

Recently i've been soooooooooooooooo damn busy with PIDC Cup for the past 2 weeks.

1st week i was busy with the Volleyball match, haha although i am freaking sucks at it. Yup, i'm just a substitute standing at the court letting the ball to hit me instead of me hitting the ball. LOL 
I really tried my best but i feel damn upset especially i hit the ball out of the court. I feel like i let the team down. My lovely housemate ask me not to complain about it and have fun. They will never understand the feeling of a fresh beginner playing for their team where the other players are so pro. Haiyoh come on la i NEVER play Volleyball in my entire life before, but still just for the sake of team spirit (hohoho) and persuaded by my team's vice captain, i decided to join at the end. I was so emo at that time but got over it after sometime. Haizzzzz I really hope i won't join Volleyball again next year, not because i hate it or what but i do not have the feel to play it.  >.< Sorry guys! 

While last weekend, Peoy Shiam and me was busy preparing the props or costumes for our face painting models. I'm busy preparing things for the face competition too as i am the organizer for this event. Being an organizer and a participant is freaking TIRING. I did not sleep at Sunday night because the competition was held on the next day. I lost my human face and officially become a panda again. A real fat panda with a poker face. =.=
I will blog about the face competition cos i have many awesome pictures to share with you all. Stay tune my friends! >w<

SO, finally i have a nice weekend to rest and i will kick my housemates if they wake me up on such a cozy morning.
You know, they are early birds who always knock my door for fun just to see my sleepy face. Damn 无聊.

Ok people, time to go oi oi. Very late already. No it's damn early in the morning already.
Wait for my new blog post tomorrow ya. Good night and sweet dreams.
Take care! :)


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