Tuesday, 22 November 2011

♠ Face Painting Rocks!!! ♠ - Part I

Hello peeps!

Wanna see something awesome?

Last Monday, face painting competition was held in our college in conjunction with our PIDC CUP 2011..
For your info PIDC CUP has 2 main game categories, one is outdoor games or sports and the other one is indoor games..So face painting was one of the indoor events... :)

For this year's face painting competition, a few friends and i was selected to become the organizing committee for this event..after some very hard brain storming sessions, we come to a conclusion that the themes for this year's face painting competition are Villains Unleashed and Futuristic Face Painting.. Sounds interesting but the preparation was hard like hell cos we have to squeeze our brains for a diface designs...

Ladies and Gentlemen,this is the outcome of our hardwork.

Haha what do you think??
Our very own version of Ryuk the Shinigami from Death Note! :)
LOL please do forgive us for the bulging stomach as our model portrays the fat version of Shinigami...HAHAHA...
That's why during the presentation for our models i asked Chin Loong to suck in his stomach so that he won't look fat in this outfit..LOLOLOL

This is another model for our group.

Meet the sister of Katy Perry, Kitty Parry the E.T... :DDD
Inspired by Katy Perry's E.T., i took her face design as a guide and create a new face look..

Guess what material we used for her hair extensions? :)

It is mainly made of Manilla cardboard.

Hard to believe right? >w<
For her hairstyle i search Youtube for the tutorial and IT IS HARDER than what i had expected..so i sketched an outline for one U-shaped hair extension, using numbers of Manilla cardboard, white ribbons and fake silver flower petals (lots of them), we managed to create the U-shaped hair extension which is similar to Katy Perry's. Specially thanks to Charis and Yee Sim for helping us out! :) Haha it was an awesome experience! Although it is not as nice as the real one, it is very stable on Shreen's head and she even can jump without the hair extensions falling off! :)

BluenoMars group picture~!

Peoy Shiam, Shreen, Chin Loong (without his scary dentures) and me...

Ok that's all for today, i got flu so i have sleep early... =__________=
Good night everyone! 

* more pictures coming soon! *


❤ Shinigami in love ❤
Chin Loong & Min Wey


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