Monday, 11 June 2012

A gooooooooooooooooood day to start with!

Good morning peeps! :3

It's a great morning of June and i woke up super early today, haha because i slept at 6pm yesterday..LOL

No choice cos i attended the Moral Studies' class which took the whole morning and noon and i was super duper tired..Slept like a big fat pig yesterday...

Just an update, the guy i mentioned earlier in my latest blog post is Ken..He was so busy with his work that he always forget about me... *BIG TIGHT SLAP FOR YOU MR KEN!!!!!!!!!*

So i decided since he was so so so so so busy with his work, why not i focus more on my daily work log? And of course, i planned to improve myself more, no more MISS SLEEPING-BEAUTY-WITH-A-LAZY-ASS.

Ok back to my main point here, i already put priorities on my studies and my personal daily log..Got many things to rush up and to be done since i have been lazed around for the past 2 months..I feel so shameful of myself..But i admit my mistakes, didn't i? :) Blogging is gonna be in my things-to-do list too...

Ok gotta prepare for class now. May you all have a nice day too! :D


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