Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Kiasu? HNGGGGG!!!

Busy busy busy.

I've been busy for the past 3 months and for God's sake time passes so fast! I don't even have time to go exercise which i planned to. I was so rajin last time that i went swimming after classes everyday. Yeah EVERYDAY.

Now i am fat as a panda bear who only knows how to hibernate and eat. Of course with my signature dark eye circles.

ARGH all because of the tiring classes and clinical postings i have to attend every single day! >.<

The main thing i wanna blog today is KIASU-ness of people nowadays. For those who don't understand what kiasu is, Kiasu (怕输) means scared of losing in Hokkien. Hey don't laugh, some people really don't know what the hell kiasu means even though they are Malaysians. (HAHA Ken don't know about this and my reaction was OH MY GOD FOR GOD'S SAKE HOW CAN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT KIASU MEANS??? Ok i forgive him cos he's a Cantonese and apparently he seldom has Hokkien friends.)

I'm pretty sure among of our friends there are kiasu people. Ok i think there's a little element of kiasu-ness in everybody, i admit i'm kiasu too. Hoho. But what i'm trying to say here is the super duper holy mama kiasu people that will fight to their death in order to win something miserable, well in other words to win something that is insignificant. As long they don't lose to people. OK as long as they are not number 2 in the list.

HELLO, we are all humans you know? Equality? Win or lose doesn't matter? Never heard of these before in your entire life? Haha of course i am referring to those super kiasu people.

I give you an example. I'm still a student and we are doing individual projects to fulfill our quota. Everyone has to finish 25 quotas before the semester ends.

Haha i admit i'm among the laziest group of people in the class, but i will surely finish up my quota before the last date of submission. So we have a total of 8 weeks in two semesters to finish the quota. That, seems a looooooooooooooooooong time for me. For sure everyone will finish up their quota before the submission date, fast or slow.

There are certain people that tend to finish faster because they just like to do so, i'm used to it. At first i can not stand the way of them finishing all the things in one shot, but then i realize later, it's their freedom to finish it fast. Cos they just like to do so, just as simple as that. We can't point a gun to their heads and say "OI stop finishing the quota so fast, or else i will shoot your bloody brain out!!!" , am i right? It's their right to do what ever they want, as long as they don't irritate other people. So i won't give a damn now for what ever things they do.

But the thing i can not stand the most is, the super kiasu people that always COMPARING themselves with others. Sorry it's comparing OTHERS with themselves. They will check everybody's quota like an inspector, investigate how your work progresses and how the hell you finish your every single quota. Even my parents didn't investigate my daily life as frequently as these mini investigators. VERY ANNOYING OK???

As for my case, i'm a lazy person. Sometimes haha. I always lacking in finishing my quota. But my concept is everyone will finish the quota at the very end, no matter fast or slow. So i emphasize again, no matter what is your speed, everyone is gonna finish every quota at the end. So why the rush? Yes i admit i will be a little bit panicky when my work is too lacking behind, but Karma always does her job, i finished my quota in a short period and i am able to cope up with the rest of my classmates.

This is when the annoying part starts to happen. Few of my classmates, started to ask me how i finished my quota since i am a zero at the beginning. OMG do i need to explain to these fellows that i am doing the same thing as them to finish our quota? That is a freaking stupid question i ever heard. Everyone is doing the same whole thing, is whether you are doing it fast or slow. I notice I've been repeating the previous sentence. =.=

They didn't ask once, they ask so many times as if i'm doing magic to my quota and *KABOOM* my quota finished by itself! Woohoo! I'm a great magician in class and i know it.

Come on la, so coincidentally i got a lot of samples to finish the work, that's why i managed to finish a number of quota in a short time. I got lucky. Just that simple. And after explaining to them, * haiz i had to explained so they can stop asking me the same whole thing over and over again*, they give me the "OMG i gotta finish my quota as soon as possible before i lack behind like you" look. What the f*ck. Hello even though i am lazy but i am not stupid you know. Oh well i just ignore them at the end.  :P

Oh that's not the end of the story. They will work harder, or even snatch other people's sample just to be at the peak. Holy mama they are the ultimate kiasu people i have ever met. You know what? When they are at the peak, they will find you and boast it in front of you.

"Ohhhhhhh, so what?"

"Haha no la, just wanna let you know," they replied.

Wa at this moment i feel like Sun Goku in Dragon Ball. Flames all over my body, flames. Oh God why am i surrounded by childish people? HELLO we are already grown ups ok?? Maybe i forget that age is not the real factor here. Yeah i have met many kiasu people, but not as 欠打 as these people. For once I also felt like finishing up my quota to keep their bloody boastful mouth shut but i didn't. There's no point in doing so as i only get myself stressed up until the end, and what's the difference between me and them if i do the same way as they already did? I choose to ignore them completely and i believe in Karma. :) If you know what i mean.

The moral of the story is, don't compare yourself with others. LOL i sounded so wise here. Haha joking la joking la. You can be kiasu, but don't overdo it until you irritate your friends by boasting around. You will lose your friend if you do so. True story. And to those who encounter the same thing as i am now, my advice is just ignore them and do your daily job as you planned to. Just fulfill your daily responsibilities and be happy. It's not worth to stress yourself up by competing with these childish people.  :)

Okay time to go to bed.

Good night and sweet dreams everyone! :3


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