Sunday, 7 October 2012

I.Fairy Hanabi Green Circle Lens Review

Circle lens collection is my craziest hobby ever. :)

Before posting up this review, i already used 30+ pairs of circle lenses in the past 3 years. Yeah i'm a circle lens addict. Hoho.

But i didn't found the suitable lens to wear for a long period of time, until i bought I.Fairy lens and Be <3 Luxury Babe lens. These 2 brands are the best so far, no discomfort and their designs are awesome.

Today i am posting up my review for I.Fairy Hanabi Green Circle Lens! *finally finally finally!!!* :D

I found I.Fairy through Facebook pages and bought my 1st pair of I.Fairy lens which is the Hanabi Blue design. Unfortunately i didn't take photos when wearing those circle lens. >.<
And that was 2 years ago.

So i bought one pair of I.Fairy Hanabi Green Circle Lens again last 2 months. I'm very fond of this design as the lens give the dolly look with their designs. :)

This is the original photo where the model is wearing I.Fairy Hanabi Green Circle Lens.

This is the I.Fairy lens packaging. Cute and unique forever. <3
For your info, they have anti-fake stickers on their bottles now to identify original I.Fairy lens. Useful indeed! Good job I.Fairy! :D

The lens look marvelous. The diameter is very big though.

Without lens. (My iris is small even though my eyes are big, that's why i always prefer lens with enlargement effect. :P)

With lens, indoor lighting.

With lighting. (Love the green halo effect!)

Color and design : 
✪ The color is obvious but yet very natural. Love it to the max.
✪ The color blends well with my brown eyes.
✪ The halo effect is obvious as the lens' diameter is 16.2mm. <3
✪ The enlargement effect is good.

Comfort :
✪ Not bad not bad! :D I wear these lenses for more than 8 hours and it doesn't dry up my eyes. 
✪ It does not stick to my eyes tightly.
✪ The design of the lens is good enough as the design does not block my vision when i look at different angles.

In my opinion :
✪ A good lens to try especially for those who super like dolly eyes. 
✪ The green color is very very very nice! It makes my eyes very anime-like which i super like them! :D
✪ May not be suitable for new lens wearer as the lens are quite hard to be inserted onto the eyes at first. The diameter is big and the lens are quite soft.
✪ I must put on make up after wearing these lens. Wearing these lens without make up makes me look like Puss-in-the-boots, which is very weird. =.=

My overall rating : 8 / 10

Not a bad design to wear especially for outing. Very comfortable and the lens really make your eyes cute with simple eyeliner application, and i quite love it! <3

More pictures to share with you. :)

 With flash.

Without flash.

 Don't mind my Crayon Shin Chan eyebrows. :P

Haha swollen lips on a hot day. =3=

Taken during a trip to KL.

I.Fairy lens have many other designs, you can check them out at their official webpage at :)

Hope my circle lens review is useful to you all. :)
Gonna post up my other favorite circle lens review soon, so stay tuned ya!
Cheers! :)))


aprilius20 said...

Imagining my eyes looking like that- weirdddd.
Looks nice on you though:)

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Thank you Levin... :)
Maybe you should try once to get the puppy eye look..LOL!

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Green eyes! So awesome, i'd never be daring enough to go out with green lenses!
I love how every type of lens there is out there suits your eyes >.< *jelly*


❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Thank you Fifi! Hehe don't need to jelly dear! I used to think a thousand times before purchasing this funky color contact lenses, but my curiosity made me tried them. Haha. You can try these funky colors outdoor once in awhile too! Like what they used to say "if you never try you will never know"! I believe that with the suitable make up and hairstyle, everyone can rock with different color contact lenses. If you do try these colors out, do let me know ya! Can't wait for your review! :)

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