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148 Inspired by Fynale Pearl Black Contact Lenses Review

After a few reviews of colorful contact lenses, i decided to have another review.

But this time, it's a natural contact lenses review! :)

I am not fond of black, chocolate or brown color contact lenses/circle lenses because i prefer contact lenses with unique and striking color like grey, pink, green, etc...

So what made me changed my mind? Before my graduation day, i did some research on contact lenses and some pictures of my friends taken at their graduation day so that i can choose a pair of suitable contact lenses to wear on my big day. I found out a few of them wore striking contact lenses and their eyes appeared to be so weird, especially during family photo shoots! Maybe their choice of contact lenses are not right or perhaps they didn't put any make up, but it's really a no-no for me. No offense but i do not want my eyes to appear buggy or alien-like on my graduation day.

This time i really need a pair of black or brown contact lenses to pull off a natural look. Haha not really a very natural look but natural enough to look good on photos. Yup i am very picky on this. :P

I started my research online again to search for these contact lenses and so coincidentally i saw this picture on facebook :

Wow the Fynale shop posted the right thing at the right time!

For your info 148 Inspired by Fynale is a sister brand of Fynale Cosmetic Lens.
Heard before theProdigurls and theProdigurls Absolute? Yup both of them are the sister brands of Fynale Cosmetic Lens too, you can read more of their info at here.

148 only has contact lenses up to power -5.00, which is kind of sad huh. Cos i need contact lenses way beyond -5.00! TT^TT

But now two designs of 148 contact lenses have power up to -10.00 now!!! SHO HAPPY!!!!!


And yeah, i bought these 2 designs, Pearl Black and Pearl Choco. I tried both of these lenses before my graduation day and i decided to wear Pearl Black! HOHOHO...

These are the pictures! 

 Nice packaging! :)

Comparison between Pearl Choco and Pearl Black.

Details of the contact lenses. Oops I think they forget to change the details of the power range.

What i like about these lenses that they are safe to wear and the Fynale online shops are the authorized distributer and seller.

Very detailed information about 148 behind the package.

 Left without lens, right with lens. The enlargement is quite obvious.

Under room light.

With camera flash.

Sorry for the unpleasant water drops in the picture. LOL.

Color and design :
☺Normal black color, but not as dark as other circle lens design.
☺Considered a circle lens, blends very well with my dark brown eyes.
☺Enlargement effect is good. 
☺Very natural looking.
☺Makes my eye more energetic and bright. :)

Comfort :
☺Comfortable for the 1st 6 hours, beyond that i have to put eye drops to moisten my eyes.
☺My eyes tend to get tired after 8 hours and they become dry easily.
☺The only good point is they are very soft compared to other brands.

My opinion : 
☺For the initial half an hour of wearing these lenses, my eyes do not feel comfortable. Actually my eyes do not feel dry, but the lenses tend to shift and i teared sometimes. But the weird thing is after half an hour, everything is ok and my eyes are back to normal. And the weird part is it happens all the time when i wear these lenses. Weird huh? Maybe i tend to wear them after 20 minutes waking up in the morning, that's why my eyes do not feel comfortable. = =
☺I only wear these lenses for 6 hours MAXIMUM.
☺I'm quite satisfied with the color and the design of these lenses. Natural looking, great for simple make up or everyday make up. They really make you look more energetic!
☺Their price is much more cheaper than other brands.
☺148 means that 14.8mm in diameter. These lenses have good enlargement effect: not too big and not too small, just nice. :)
☺Although it was not written on the package, they are yearly disposable contact lenses. I was advised by the seller not to wear them more than 3 months. Hygiene and safety come 1st! 
☺One more thing i want to emphasize is that the plastic packaging is freaking hard to be opened! After using so much strength i only able to pull half of the aluminium cover and I used 10 minutes to open one cover. Imagine how tough is the seal! But they are safer compared to vials with thick aluminium caps. So please be careful while opening the seals to prevent the lens from flying out and having a hard time looking for them. LOL

My overall rating : 7/10 

Natural looking, good enlargement, but i only wear them during formal events.
Hehe i'm still obsessed with colorful contact lenses for daily outing. :)

LOL some of my friends say they prefer the ''natural-looking'' me. Haha oh well, different people different opinions. :P

For those who are looking for these natural-looking contact lenses, you can check out at here.

Fynale just launched a new series called Fynale Classic, great designs and color! But most of them have power up to -5.00 only. WHY FYNALE WHY??? 
Oh well, if interested check them out at here too.

Ok folks! Done my review at last! Hehe what an accomplishment.

I really hope my review helps, if got any comments or opinions please do not hesitate to leave a comment below! Good luck in trying the new contact lenses!

Have a good weekend! Good night! :3

p/s : I bought these lenses online, not being sponsored by any contact lens online shop. So i gave my frank opinion, no bias comment given in this post. :)


Emily said...

Ah you look so pretty! ~ I'm way too scared to wear contact lenses*-*

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-Emily xx

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Thank you Emily! You can try wearing contact lenses, no harm trying right? Hehe i'm sure you will get used to them in a short period! :)

Yup i followed your blog already, have a nice day! :)

Emily said...

Hi Stephanie, I've just nominated you for the versatile blogger award! You can check it out here if you like ~ ^^ x

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Hello Emily, thank you very much for your nomination! I already replied you at your pretty blog..Hope to hear from you soon! :)

June L. said...

Ooo, Stephanie, you look really pretty in these lenses! C: You're totally rocking the natural look here, hehe. n__n

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- A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Thank you June! :)
I checked out your blog and you have a nice blog!
Nice knowing you! :3

Mizu chan said...

You are so cute!
First time here :D

Yomi said...

It looks so natural on you =)

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美美 said...

omg I love these lenses! They're like 89237598345 times more natural than my current ones :o I love love love these so much! you don't know!!! *Q* where did you buy them? I think they're really perfect for everyday use~ ^-^* And thanks so much for this great review!! :) Let's keep in touch~

♡ Mindy~

Sakuranko said...

Oh sweetie that lens looks really cute and natural on you!
I love it how the black edge blens with your natural eyes. Dear, now I´m following you in GFC I hope your follow me back!

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❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Mizu chan: Thank you! I checked out your pink blog, you have a super cute blog! :D Hope to hear from you soon and thanks again for visiting my blog... :3

Yomi: Hehe thank you! I already follow your blog, hope to hear from you soon! <3

美美: Wow really? May i know what brand of lenses are you using for the natural look? Yes they are suitable for everyday use, cos they are natural..LOL..By the way you can check out for these lenses as this is Fynale's official facebook page..You are welcome! I'm glad you like my review! Hehe i already follow your blog, keep in touch and nice to meet you! :)

Sakuranko: Thank you! :) Yes dear i already follow your blog, nice to meet you!

CM said...

Great post, dear! ^-^ Nice blog, I like it!

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Thank you dear CM! I'm glad that you like my blog! :)

Majorie Zoleta said...

OMO~! It looks so natural and cute on you! I'd love to try this :)
New follower here! Please follow me on GFC as well ♥

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Thank you Majorie! Good luck in trying these lenses! :)
Yup i just dropped by at your cute blog and followed your blog! Nice knowing you! :)

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Thank you Emily! You can try wearing contact lenses, no harm trying right? Hehe i'm sure you will get used to them in a short period! :)

Yup i followed your blog already, have a nice day! :)

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Hello Emily, thank you very much for your nomination! I already replied you at your pretty blog..Hope to hear from you soon! :)

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Thank you June! :)
I checked out your blog and you have a nice blog!
Nice knowing you! :3

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Hello, Stephanie~! I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award ♥ Check it out ^___^

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Black circle lenses look really good on you! They make your eyes so shiny and pretty yet so natural!! They look kinda brown under flash as well, so awesome~
I love your blog! You have so many contact lens reviews ♥ Following you now :)


❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

OMG i really appreciate that! Thanks a lot for the nomination! :DDD
I will blog about it soon Majorie! :3

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Hi Angel! Since you have never try contact lenses before, i recommend you to try contact lenses with the smallest diameter of 14mm or 14.8mm first..You can try GEO lenses or FreshKon lenses..They are soft and easy to be inserted into your eyes..GEO lenses have many varieties and colors, affordable and easy to purchase online, but with these lenses your eyes will dry up very soon and might need eye drops, whereas FreshKon are more on basic subtle colors, they are mend for a more natural look and their products are good in quality, but they are pricey and they are monthly disposable lenses.

If you don't mind trying a larger diameter contact lenses, i would recommend I.Fairy lenses! I have been using this brand for almost 4 years already and i can say that their lenses are good, comfortable, colorful and safe! They are lenses with a diameter of 16.2mm and it's a bit difficult for beginners to wear them. But no harm trying, right? :)

Anyway all the above lenses are authentic and safe to wear. Try not to wear contact lenses for more than 5 hours, but you can try to wear them longer if your eyes are comfortable with them. Maximum time 8 hours. Eye drops are essential too. Hygiene of the lenses and the lenses' case are important, so use a good contact lens solution.

Hehe i hope this help you in solving your doubts! If got any questions don't hesitate to ask me again! :)

By the way i'm glad i know a cosplayer like you! Haha I LOVE COSPLAY and i wanted to cosplay but don't have the guts to do so..LOL! Nice knowing you and have a sweet day! :3

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Thank you Fifi! Haha actually my blog has fewer posts about contact lenses compared to other blogs, but of course i will update more blog posts regarding about contact lenses in the future!

Thanks again for your support and i followed your blog too! Nice to know you and have a great day! :3

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Hi Stephanie! :) Thanks for the tips. I actually won a pair of contact lenses from Geolica. But I still haven't tried them yet. I might use them soon and follow your tips. :) Everybody can cosplay, Stephanie. :) You will be shy at first but slowly, you will gain confidence. :) Nice meeting you too. :) Keep in touch. :)

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

You are welcome! :)
Wow that's good! Can't wait for your new pictures with you wearing those contact lenses... >w<
Yeah i will give it a try after i purchase a nice cosplay outfit..Thanks for the encouragement! Hehe keep in touch too! :)

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