Sunday, 19 May 2013

Stephanie Angel's comeback!

Good morning my ladies and gentlemen! *mother father gentlemen*

Totally addicted to this viral song since Psy's new song ''Gentlemen" was released few months back. LOVE THE SONG TO THE MAX.

Ok back to the main thing.

This sleeping pig here just wanna say I'M BACK. *Arnold Schwarzenegger in the house*

Or should i say i woke up.......? =w=

SO SO SO SO SO SORRY for the 5 months blog-break(study break + never ending Exams + 2 months hooooooooooooooooliday)! This year is very important to me especially as it is my Final Year for me as a dental student. I spent the 1st 3 months on my studies and i was super busy on my projects. Hope you all forgive this never ending busy blogger.

And YES. All the effort i gave paid off. I DID IT.

Holy mama i'm so thankful to God for making my dreams come true, and of course i'm very thankful to my dear family and friends who supported me for all these 5 years. It was tough and thank God i managed to go through all the hardships and obstacles to get a dental degree.

I really can't believe i'm officially a dentist now! :DDD

No worries my ladies and gentlemen, i'm still the same Stephanie Angel, gonna make a huge comeback for my blog! :)

One more month left before i'm starting my job as a dentist. So i'm spending my precious time sharing my opinion and thoughts at my blog, starting by today of course! 

See you guys very soon on the next blog post! :3


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