Monday, 2 January 2012

The Spectacle Frames Invasion

Happy New Year 2011 my dear friends! :)

Haha today i gonna tell u a story regarding the invasion of spectacle frames in Malaysia.

Sounds lame? Haha don't worry folks this blog is specially for those who wants reviews on spectacle frames.

Yeah, i know these spectacle frames are useless.
I bet most of the guys must be thinking " Why these girls wear those stupid idiotic frames when they have perfect eye sights? " when they are seeing girls wearing spectacles without lens, am i right?
That, my friend, means that they are NOT fashion, YES NOT FASHION ENOUGH, just like what Miss Lin always tell us.

Here's a short history about spectacle frames.

Yeah i agree on the retired-guy-on-a-boat glasses, the design will never ever go outdated. LOL

As you can see, almost everyone in the entertainment industries are wearing these so called fake glasses or spectacles in any outing events, even in award ceremonies!

Celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, Fan Bing Bing, Mickey from TBSK and many other celebrities, no matter from Western or Eastern countries, wears spectacle frames almost everytime, everywhere.

WHY? Because it is now a trend. It's just that simple.

Even SpongeBob wears it.

Haha now he looks more fashion! XD

So i gonna share some of my opinions on which type of spectacle frames i prefer to wear.

FYI, i bought thousands of spectacle frames, accidentally. LOL
Because they are too awesome!!! TwT

Since then, i have been collecting spectacle frames.
Some of my friends laugh their heads off because they think it is silly, but who cares, i wear it because i look sexy when i wear it. HOHOHO *pls bear with my craziness until the end*

I bought 4 spectacle frames from Mooie Optical via Facebook.
Li Herng introduce me this awesome online optical shop as they also provide good coated lenses with these spectacle frames, and most importantly, at a reasonable price!
The best part is they are selling many variety of spectacle frames that cannot be found in any other places.

Trust me, i have been searching for good-looking and high quality spectacle frames since long time ago and i found my ideal designs at the online shop.
Plus, the owner of the shop is very responsible and nice! :))) 

These are the spectacle frames that i bought from Mooie Optical.

4 different styles of spectacle frames.

This is me before without the spectacles.

Yup, i look like a good girl. LOL

If you notice, i have big cheek bones which make my face look big and wide.
Usually if i have a bad hair day which my hair couldn't cover up the sides of my face OR i have terrible black eye circles after wearing my contact lenses, i will wear one of my spectacle frames when i go out.
The spectacle frames really mask the black eye circles effectively!

1st Style : The Sexy Leopard


It looks fashion, it fits with my facial form and it is comfortable to wear!
I really feel like wearing it everyday, i even thought of making power lenses for this spectacle so i can wear it everytime! <3

Pros : It gives a vintage look and the leopard pattern makes it match with any clothing!
Cons : It's a bit too big and the upper rim of the spectacle frame sometimes covers my vision. =.=

2nd Style : The Black and Red Office Style

This is more of a descent square spectacle frames.
I like it because of it's nice square pattern and the color contrast is perfect.
There are many other colors that are available but so far this color attracts me the most. :)))

This is one of my favorite in my collection.
Pros : The size is JUST NICE. Suitable to wear it in any occasion. And it really gives a descent look. :D
Cons : Since the color is black and red, i only can wear it when i wear clothes which their colors can match with the spectacle frame.

3rd Style : The Nerd

This style is the most common style. I bought this spectacle frame because it is HOT ITEM among Taiwanese and Malaysian girls. :3

The innocent look. :p 
LOL what is this la...

Please forgive this fat face of mine.

Hmmm ok ok la. Not as nice as i expected. But it is still acceptable. =w=
Pros : Universal spectacle frame. Suits anybody with any facial form.
Cons : Both sides of the spectacle frames are thin and it doesn't makes the face look small. It looks good with front view but it doesn't look good on the side view.

4th Style : Barbie Style

Haha this is my 1st and the most funky spectacle frame in my collection!
I super love pink and after a long time consideration, i bought this cutie at last!


Fierce look. =.=

The pink color spectacle frame is not bad and it gives a pretty funky look. 
Pros : Good for those who loves pink like me! Nice and fashionable! <3
Cons : Same as the black and red spectacle frame, this cutie has to match with the clothing that i am wearing. So it is very hard for me to wear it most of the time because it doesn't match my attire.

For those who are interested in these spectacles, you all can have a look at Mooie Optical Online Shop that i had mention earlier.   :)

Okay that's all folks! Remember no matter which style of spectacle frames you are wearing, wear it to show out your own style. :)
Hope you all enjoy it!
Good luck in trying those spectacle frames in this new year! :)))


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