Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Year of the Dragon is coming!!!

I just sent my younger brother, Melvin to the bus stop just now, started to miss this big fella already... :(
That's why i am free now, temporarily. LOL
With him staying or sleeping in my room i can not blog peacefully cos he kept talking to me about his GUNDAM (he is an otaku that super love GUNDAM), so now i got the chance to blog!
But we had a good time together for the past 4 days though! :D

Yesterday i planned to bring him to go to Autocity at Butterworth to go shopping, and we found out that we got nothing to buy there.
Going to Autocity is boring if you have nothing to buy. Yeah i will spent money like nobody's business if i go there again, no more money to spend when i'm going to Hong Kong on March.
So we went to Econsave to shop for midnight snacks instead...haha!
Sorry we really couldn't resist it as we are still hungry even though we went to eat Tom Yam Porridge one hour ago.
Haha what to expect from pigs like us? XD

Woohooooo 2 more weeks to go before Chinese New Year!!!
I don't know why i'm super hyper today after listening to Chinese New Year songs this morning.
LOL maybe i'm too touched gua. Don't ask me, i don't know why i cried, even me myself also don't know the reasons for it. =.=

This year's MY Astro new Chinese New Year songs are damn nice!
The 1st song is 开心乐龙龙.

The 2nd song is 开心过年.

The 1st song made me shed tears. HAHA maybe too touched liao la!
The MY Astro crew always produce nice Chinese New Year songs every year and this time they went to all the states in Malaysia to shoot this MV...
There are a few mistakes in the MV and synchronization is not very good, but what do you expect when there are hundreds of people from different age group dance together?
Good job MY Astro!!! :)))

The best part is the cute dragon mascot 乐龙龙, he is way too 可爱!!!!!!!!!!!
This is one of the cute mascot made by Malaysians that i have seen so far!
I noticed 乐龙龙 toy in the MV!
I also want to buy the 乐龙龙 toy!!! Anyone who knows where to get the toy please let me know ya! >.<

Haha ok la i need to clean up my room for Chinese New Year...
And if got extra time, CNY SHOPPING!!! XD

Are you ready for Chinese New Year? :)


Benny&Fion said...

Have you get the toys?Now they only sell it on their carnival. limited to 700 dragons for every carnival.

❤ Stephanie Angel ❤ said...

Nope i still unable to find the dragon soft toy..but one of my friends told me i have to make an advance order of the MY Astro CNY album at any music stores to get the dragon soft toy..OMG are they having carnivals at Penang too?

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