Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!! :3

Happy New Year 2012 my friends!!!

Whoa time really flies and 2012 replaced 2011!
A bit BU SHE DE 2011 but we have to move on..and i got a feeling 2012 gonna be an awesome year! WOOHOO!!!
Good bye to all the old memories, no matter good or bad, and welcome happiness and hope that await us in this very new year!!!

I have many plans for this new year and i think i'm gonna be a busy person.. =w=
Haha some of my resolutions are to slim down 10kgs, to learn more about fashion from Cheesie and Xiaxue, and be an awesome blogger! (LOL nothing's gonna stop me! >w<)
Of course, to be a better person myself... :3

Wish all my family members and friends a Happy New Year 2012!
Without you all, there's no Stephanie Angel until now...You guys rock and i super love ya all!!!
Muaksssssssss!!! :DDD


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