Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Makeover 2012

TADA!!! I'm back with my still-the-same body with a new look.
OH GOSH i feel bad cos i just dyed my hair one month ago and i changed my hairstyle last weekend. >.<

I planned to go to Queensbay Mall PURELY for shopping and yeah, i never thought of changing my hairstyle.
I just wanted to cut off those spoil hair ends that are annoying.
Just an invitation to go to the salon together and my friend Le Na said something that changed my mind.

"You said you will curl your hair one year ago and until now you didn't do it also..."
LOL she said it with her cute voice. A cute and innocent tone. =.=
PLUS my birthday is on the next 2 days, changing a new hairstyle is the perfect timing now.
Don't forget, Chinese New Year is coming too! *EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES*


No more procrastination, no more 2nd thought.
OMG that time i was so determined and i forgot my main purpose to go to the salon.
Someone please hit my head. =.=

With encouragement by Yik Ming and Hooi Thang *non-stop encouragement*, i finally went to the salon and get the job done.

Hey i was so depressed last week ok... =.=
I got tonnes of assignments to do and millions of books to study, and my stress level increases every single second.
And i received a freaking shocking story from a friend of mine that made me WTF.
(Hot stories will be published next time, please be patient ya)
Getting my hair curls also made me worry. What the hell.
I stared into the mirror for so long that night before going to the salon like i was going to be bald the next day. I think girls should understand how i felt that night, or is it myself? = - =
Remember i mention that a hairstylist told that i am not suitable with curly hair?
That made me worry like shit. LOL
My very good housemate even told me not to worry cos i am gonna look older after this.
I hate you lar Li Herng!!!!!!!!!!! =.=
That doesn't help at all!!!!!!!!!!!
I even nearly attempted to cancel the appointment with the director of the salon. 

Guys, this is what we girls called self conflict. Determined to changed but scared to accept changes.
Get used to it. :P

So we went to Prangin Mall in Penang Island early in the morning.
We are so excited chatting about Wang LeeHom until i got lost in the city.
Traffic jam made it worst.
We were late but Thank God the director was nice, she didn't show f*ck face even though she waited for me for so long. Good good.  Made me so paiseh when i arrived at her salon.

The salon i went this time is Essentials Hair Salon.
Ji Wi recommended this salon to me as he always visit the salon for a haircut.
I went twice to this salon last year before the singing competition at Ipoh.
The director is good at suggesting good hairstyles AND doing her job.
Impressive hair work and of course, she knows what she is doing.

She explained the new hairstyle to me based on a Japanese hair book.
Yeah i was sooooooooooooooooooo excited. Haha.
I wanted to get a Japanese curled hairstyle for God-knows-how-long and i'm doing it now!
I tried not to say NO to my new hairstyle. Haha of course i'm still scared la!
What if it doesn't suit me? What if i look damn old with it?
Haiya, just do it la. 
If i don't do it now, i will never know how i look like with curls. 

The hairstylists dyed my hair with copper color.
The director said that curls with dark color hair tends to make faces look older.
She even told me that my hair had 3 shades of color: orange, brown and black. 0.0
LOL that's the consequences dying my own hair. Nothing beats the hair color done by the salon.
In fact, i look fairer with the new hair color! :3

When the digital hair perm finished, i stared into the mirror and I ALMOST SHOCKED TO DEATH.
Holy mama i look older than my mum. OMG. The curls are so small and i looked damn old.
I was freaked out until the director calm me down. Forgive my extreme response.
I was told that my hair is wet and my curled hair is not done yet. Wet curls are smaller and way much uglier.
Thank God. If not is not worth it to pay RM300+ and look like an auntie.

Results after the complete hairdo.

One word. Satisfied.
Ok VERY satisfied.
The hairstyle turned out to be much more better than i expected.
I really thought i would become an auntie after curling my hair.
But i am very happy to change my hairstyle! :D
Happy Birthday to myself! XDDD

The picture below shows my true hair color, maybe of the lighting ba.
Self cam on my entire new look.

Gotta be more hardworking on dressing myself up before going out.
Yeah, that includes my make up too.

Hope my new hairstyle change the way i look.
Happy with my new hairstyle though. >w<

More blog posts coming up and cheers! :)))

*Don't hesitate to leave your comments here! Don't worry, i won't bite your heads off. =w=*


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